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Post #58254034 added 03-15-2013 9:49 PM by Germanian in Deal Talk
Well, ended up just selling it to a friend lol. But with the amazon code, I inputted the information to the AMD website. AMD sent an email back with a code for the Origin game of Crysis 3 and will...
Post #58229832 added 03-14-2013 8:39 PM by Germanian in Deal Talk
Campanella, I responded to your PM with instructions for redemption. Beware that even after redeeming from Amazon, there are then redemption expirations on the Steam and Origin codes as well (see...
Post #58219720 added 03-14-2013 12:34 PM by Germanian in Deal Talk
Hello: I think nightnija and me wants to know how to sell the AMD Game card, not for personal use. I also bought the card on Amazon and I want to sell the AMD game card. How can I do that??? ...
Post #58211118 added 03-14-2013 5:58 AM by Germanian in Deal Talk
Night Ninja, Yes, I got mine at Amazon and received an email about 18 hours after my card shipped (before it arrived) which let me register at the website you mentioned using the promotional code...
Post #58126908 added 03-10-2013 5:02 PM by Germanian in Deal Talk
I received a code from amazon telling me to go to this website to redeem: Is the card that you received come with a code that directs you to...
Post #58112396 added 03-09-2013 6:40 PM by Germanian in Deal Talk
i got it from newegg so idk how amazon handles it, i got the paper that looks like this
Post #58107154 added 03-09-2013 12:26 PM by Germanian in Deal Talk
Erm I'm a little confused now. Which paper are you referring to? I only received an amazon code that allows me to receive a code from AMD. You mentioned that after entering the amazon promo code,...
Post #58102784 added 03-09-2013 7:22 AM by Germanian in Deal Talk
The code comes from amazon and to get the games you go to the site thats on the promo code paper and enter the unique code and you will get an email with both the game codes, if you want to sell it...
Post #58096990 added 03-08-2013 8:02 PM by Germanian in Deal Talk
Hey, how does the promo code work? I bought it from amazon. Do people sell that code, or the code that comes from amd after entering the amazon code. Does the amd code come in the mail or email? ...
Post #58071294 added 03-07-2013 6:45 PM by Germanian in Deal Talk
but they arent games, they are codes for the game. just chatted with both amazon and newegg. newegg said absolutely not, and they want both code and video card back for a refund, but amazon said no...
Post #58071258 added 03-07-2013 6:43 PM by Germanian in Deal Talk
if u send the games back unused you get the refund
Post #58068326 added 03-07-2013 4:10 PM by Germanian in Deal Talk
I keep seeing these upper end gpus but it'd be overkill for my celeron g550. Where are the 7770 sale with the November prices?
Post #58068144 added 03-07-2013 4:01 PM by Germanian in Deal Talk
Can someone clear up if you can or cannot get a refund for the two games?
Post #58053538 added 03-07-2013 7:04 AM by Germanian in Deal Talk
Showed OOS on Amazon last night (with a 1-2 month wait), but back in stock this morning. In for one. Obviously, no discount from them, but their return policy seemed a lot more forgiving, and...
Post #58049220 added 03-06-2013 10:38 PM by Germanian in Deal Talk
Hehe hopefully some game patches will smooth out the bugs. I'm more excited to play the single player, even if only for the graphics :P I just ordered the L3 (newer version) of this card. For some...
Post #58038756 added 03-06-2013 2:28 PM by Germanian in Deal Talk
Crysis 3 + Bioshock Infinite AMD Never Settle Promo just sold for $56.59 on ebay. If you can get the promo, thats $190 for this card. Thats an awesome deal. ...
Post #58025558 added 03-06-2013 4:13 AM by Germanian in Deal Talk
That keyboard looks good, but I suspect that is where the benefit ends. It is not mechanical, so it almost certainly uses membrane switches. And Razor is suspect to me at best after selling so many...
Post #58025384 added 03-06-2013 3:38 AM by Germanian in Deal Talk
Lol, I could use a new keyboard too, I've got no w-a-s-d left and the backlighting is pretty bad and hard to see. This is the one I want:...
Post #58025324 added 03-06-2013 3:25 AM by Germanian in Deal Talk
If Physx was used more and I had infinite money I would only build dual GPU systems with Nvidia GPUs. (One for rendering exclusively and one mostly for Physx. Or however it actually works.) But...
Post #58025192 added 03-06-2013 2:54 AM by Germanian in Deal Talk
I've been eyeballing the newer version (L3) of this card. It's a little shorter so it will fit nicely in my case. i7-860, 8GB DDR3, Samsung 830 256GB. I have a friend who's trying to steer me towards...
Post #58025134 added 03-06-2013 2:37 AM by Germanian in Deal Talk
I would like hearing what GPU you decide upon and what the reasons are for the choice. Good luck! Also just for the hell of it, I will throw in here that AA requires GPU RAM to operate. So if you...
Post #58025108 added 03-06-2013 2:27 AM by Germanian in Deal Talk
I suspect your idea of lean does not match mine. I disable all services unneeded by me, and there are quite a few of them. I run almost nothing in the background, and I clean the junk up several...
Post #58024558 added 03-06-2013 12:55 AM by Germanian in Deal Talk
Depends on the game, the resolution you play at, and how much eye candy you are willing to turn down/off. Take a look at this chart under 'Performance' (1080p):...
Post #58024550 added 03-06-2013 12:54 AM by Germanian in Deal Talk
No way. I run lean as well (as lean as I can in a windows envirnoment anyway) and if you want to take full advantage of a setup like this I would say you need at least 6-8 GB RAM if you want some...
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