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Why am I so shocked that a GearVita deal is posted by you, Kwartel. I didn't even have to look at your username, to know it was you, before I opened the thread.

It's nothing but blatant self/paid promotion with you. That site, as well as about 3-4 others (Including ones like GearVita,, VapeSourcing, Sourcemore, etc.)
For a SourceMore theead, a rep from the company signed up ASAP, just to reply to me, that it was a "nice deal": Hint, it was a terrible deal, and proof that you're self/paid promoting, as how did they immediately know to sign up, and then respond to me, to defend their/your post.

Your threads were essentially nothing but negative, but you always believed in the power of money, and would keep posting the terrible negative deals.

Or the many coupons that had "SD" as the first couple letters, and whenever people would state the coupon was dead, you'd either provide another coupon, or state it was still a great deal (Hint, it wasn't. And went from probably a +15 to a -11 rating quickly.)

But regardless, you always managed to get lots of traffic and sales, at higher than expected prices. Even if many times you made the item seem like an amazing deal (but would charge you $80-100 shipping on the robot vacuums, that you wouldn't include in title, or in the thread.)

And terrible vape deals, from VapeSourcing, which were always rated terribly negative, you still "believed it was such a great deal", that you decided to continuously post the same terrible deal almost weekly.

After I started calling you out on spamming SD, you finally caught on, and started adding other sites to your repertoire, like NewEgg, so that you can have some positive posts. However these quickly went downhill, as you tried to post a ratio of other sites/deals, to offset your spamming GearVita, Sourcemore, VapeSourcing, etc
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