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I read this review and will pass...

The curious case of Patrick Stewart and false advertising.

*updated July 2017 to fix a couple typos*

Let me start off by saying that when they claim this is narrated by our beloved Captain Picard they aren't telling the entire truth. All told he narrates about 4 min of this entire "film" and the rest of it is narrated by a couple other people.

Now for the video quality itself. If you are buying this for the same reasons I did, which was to see awesome space stuff in 4k HDR as well as watch a 1080p version in 3d while learning cool stuff then I suggest you DONT BUY IT.

First most of the footage isn't shot in 4k or even 1080p. The majority of footage shown is stock footage from various other sources most of which is standard definition resolution. The stuff that is in 4k is very minimal and clearly reused IMAX footage from something else.

This is stuffed to the brim with stock footage presented in a small box in the middle of your 4k tv. Even the 1080p 3d disc has the same issue on a 1080p TV. They use tons of old non hd footage and stick it in a box that sits in the middle of your tv.

The 3d parts themselves just like the 4k parts are minimal. They do alot of taking old static images and making a person pop out of the background but most of the video is not shot in 3d or even presented in 3d. The footage that is shot with real 3d cameras looks great as does the 4k stuff but it's so minimal I feel that the product description is false advertising and that's just unfair.

Don't buy this looking for great 4k, don't buy this to learn cool new things or to hear Patrick Stewart narrate and don't buy it for the 3d because added together each makes up about 10% of this movie.

There are better options out there so don't be sucked in by the lower than average price for a UHD Blu-ray. In fact there are more informative videos on YouTube some of which are in 4k albeit not as high quality 4k as this.

Save your money for something better. Something that doesn't misrepresent what it is to earn a quick buck. You didn't buy a nice 4k screen and uhd Blu-ray player to watch standard definition content. I know I didn't.

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