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Guild Wars 2: Heroic Edition (PC Digital Download)

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NVIDIA Online Store is offering Guild Wars 2: Heroic Edition (PC Digital Download) for Free when you follow the instructions below.

Thanks to community member EfficientOctopus822 for sharing this deal.

Deal Instructions
  1. Log in or create a Nvidia Account (free to join)
  2. Go here and click continue then select NVIDIA as your provider (may require an email verification PIN)
  3. Check the the box for "Yes, recommend content that I might enjoy based on how I engage with NVIDIA's websites, software, and events."
  4. Click on "update" at the bottom of the page
  5. Click here and select the "Free" membership
  6. Go to the redemption page here and click on "redeem"
  7. Click on "copy" next to your unique key
  8. Redeem the key at (more information)
    • If you have not created an ArenaNet account yet, you can use your code to create a new account here.
    • Sign in to the Account Management page using your ArenaNet account
    • Click the "Redeem a Code" button on the 'Overview' page.
    • Enter or copy and paste your code into the Enter Registration Code field.
    • Hit "Submit" to redeem the code and add it to your account.
  • Guild Wars 2 (Core Version)
  • One Suit of Legacy Armor
  • One 18-slot Inventory Expansion
  • 4x Heroic Boosters

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  • About this deal:
    • Product must be redeemed by June 30, 2022.
    • See forum thread for additional discussion.

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Geforce Now is currently giving you the Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition (PC) game for free

Follow these steps:

1. Create a Geforce Now account or log into the account
2. Click on this link [] and check the box "Yes, show me games, rewards, and other content that I might enjoy based on my configuration, games, and app usage."
3. Click on this link []and choose a membership, just choose Free.
4. Click this link [] and click Redeem and save key.
5. Click this link [] and redeem the key at ( Instructions [] )

The Heroic Edition of Guild Wars 2contains the complete base game as well as several bonus items to help you on your journey. While the Heroic Edition is no longer available for purchase, codes for this edition are often given out in the form of physical codes through online promotions or at conventions. Each Heroic Edition code unlocks the following items:
  • The core game Guild Wars 2
  • 1 Legacy Armor
  • 1 18-slot mithril box
  • 4 hero boosters
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been playing gw2 for too many years,
i highly recommend buying Path of Fire
which includes ways to get travel mounts
they are very useful for completing this game.
mounts are not things you can buy, you have
to do a lot of stuff in game to achieve them.

if you wait for the back to school game sales
you should be able to get it and the latest
End of Dragon expansion 20-40% off.
if you play 30-60min daily, you won't need
to buy gems for convenience and fashion items
because you can also buy them with gold you
will save up in game over time.

if you are new to this game, use game timers
google the wiki and search for youtube walkthru
because pretty much every question you can
possibly have has been well documented over
the 9 years this game has been out.

even though you are encouraged to join a guild
most players only use them to keep them company
because most events and achievements can be
done with the help of people doing similar on the
same map - so you rarely have to bug your guild
to help you with anything.

looking at the heroic items;
1 Legacy Armor = a boring skin, you won't use it much
1 18-slot mithril box = can buy for 3 gold in game anytime
4 hero boosters = 30min each saves a little leveling up time
so don't rush to sign up just for these freebies
do it if you are ready to put some time into this game
since it takes daily housekeeping to get ahead in it.
it won't matter that others have been playing for years
that won't interfere at all with your own journey.
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