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I just wanted to post the usual reminder that a 5 gallon aquarium is usually a very tough setup, especially for beginners. For one thing, with so little water, the slightest fluctuations can send all of your water parameters out of whack into dangerous territory for the fish pretty quickly and easily.
But even then, there are very few fish that can safely thrive in a tank this size, and most of those that can are schooling fish that would need more fish than can healthily be housed in this size tank.

There are a few nano-fish that could be housed in a 5 gallon tank, but most of those are pretty fragile, and susceptible to the kinds of fluctuating water parameters you're likely to get with a 5 gallon tank (see above), unless you're very careful and/or knowledgeable.

Also, the filters that come with these tanks SUCK. And the 5 gallon kit doesn't come with the heater that most tropical fish would need. For $10 more, the 10 gallon tank kit would be easier for a beginner, or better yet, for $20 more the 20 gallon tank kit.

And of course, before you invest in fish, be sure to take a little time to learn at least the basics of safe fishkeeping. Start by googling the aquarium nitrogen cycle.
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