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BlueTech Rechargeable Battery Charger w/ USB Charging Port EXPIRED

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Has 4 modes (Charge, Discharge, Refresh, and Test) and 4 charging current levels (200mA, 500mA, 700mA, and 1000mA).

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back, similar to BC-1000 (no 1500mA, 1800mA)

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Last Edited by TakeTheActive March 11, 2017 at 09:11 AM
USB output is 1A / 5V.

Source: Looking at photos of the box for Bluetech AV-1000 in eBay listings, e.g.
BlueTech AV-1000 SMART Battery Quick AA_AAA Charger & USB _ eBay (li)sting #222421909515) []


Below contribution:
Last Edited by feelinloose Today at 03:29 AM

I have this charger and it works well with my Fujitsu AA batteries. I unfortunately lost the manual. I could not find the exact manual for this model.
MANUAL FOR THE CHARGER BC-700u [] worked perfect. Of course the AV-1000 is rated to 1000mA while the BC-700u is limited to 700mA . By following this manual I was able to discharge and charge 24 batteries in about 2 days or so at 200 mAh. The buttons are exactly the same layout. If somebody has the right manual for AV-1000 please post.


Actually, the BC-700 has a cap of 700mA per cell. The BC-700 manual is still useful in learning the various functions.

If the Bluetech AV-1000 is similar to the La Crosse BC-1000 (but not a clone - note the different slot selection buttons), then the BC-1000 manual is closer.
Specifically, while the BC-1000 can charge 4 cells @ 1000mA each, it can also charge at higher currents. The BC-1000 can charge 2 cells @ 1800mA or 1500mA in slots 1 and 4.
Caveat: this is not the AV-100 manual. This is the BC-1000 manual.

BC1000 Instruction Manual DC - La Crosse Technology []

Quote :
Daily Deal

Offer Expires on 03/14/2017
Also, limit of 10 at the discount price of $14.99. Smilie
Beyond that, $19.49 (still a good deal).

[The following Wiki update is from TakeTheActive]

I spent a YEAR ("Senior Citizen " / retired / disabled) almost a DECADE ago EEK! reading the Archives over at CandlePowerForums -> Batteries Included [] and created these FAQs (picking the ones relating specifically to *THIS* thread):
  1. TTA's Picks for Best Answers to Rechargeable Battery Questions [] - 44,158 views
  2. TTA's NiMH/NiCD Battery Charger Specifications Thread [] - 13,289 views
  3. TTA's "Summarized" La Crosse BC-700 / BC-900 / BC-9009 Charger/Analyzer Instructions [] - 9,825 views
From the knowledge I acquired there:
  • My first (daily) charger was a LaCrosse BC-900:
    For my purposes, this 'family' of chargers is BEST for OLDer, high internal resistance (ICV) cells. I'll charge up to 4 cells @ 700mA but only use the 2 outer slots when charging @ 1000mA and above to allow sufficient air cooling.
  • My second (daily) charger was a Maha MH-C9000:
    For my purposes, this charger is BEST for NEW, fresh, low internal resistance (ICV) cells. With its wide spacing between compartments, I have no reservations with charging 4 cells @ 1000mA and above.
    The "Break-In" function is also excellent.
  • My third (daily) charger (hopefully) will be this Bluetech AV-1000:
    I just received it today and, upon initial inspection, the construction appears fine.
    Reading the manual everything sounds just like the LaCrosse 'family' *EXCEPT* for the ability to charge 2 cells @ 1500mA or 1800mA in slots 1 & 4.
    Also, the input voltage is 12VDC vs the LaCrosse 3VDC. (BTW, I don't need the USB outlet, so I won't comment about it.)
  • If you're curious, I have at least a *DOZEN* (non-daily) chargers that I bought *BEFORE* I understood how 'things' worked Embarrassment
Feedback on the Bluetech to follow after *AT LEAST* 100 hours of testing.

If you have any "NiMh Battery Recharging Questions" *AFTER* reading my LINKs, please feel free to post them in this thread and I will do my best to answer them.

NOTE: My LINKs looked so tiny (compared to the rest of the Wiki) in 'Preview' that I felt that I had to bump them up one size.


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Yes, buy two of these.
12 Helpful?
Took some photos of the inside. Notice the clobs of solder on the right side, dried flux crap in the center, and solder drops here and there on the PCB. laugh out loud

Keep in mind these are typical in Chinese manufacturing.




6 Helpful?
Not instead of - I would buy both analyzing chargers because they are different. Smilie
Never can have too many flashlights analyzing chargers and batteries (and flashlights). Smilie
As I get more LiON batteries and devices, I need another LiON charger. Also, getting another non-LiON charger frees up the Opus's for mainly LiON use.


All my smart chargers are my children, and the analyzing ones are my favorites (I admit that) but in different ways. All below handle NiCD and NiMH.

Analyzing chargers:
Opus BT-C3100 v2.2 v2.1 (adds LiON, Quick Test ; undocumented - I claim: adds RAM - rechargeable alkaline manganese)
La Crosse BC-9009 ("Alpha Power")
Powerex Maha MH-C9000 (WizardOne)
& C-to-AA and D-to-AA adapters to "try" to charge C/D in Opus and Maha

Compact chargers:
Panasonic BQ-CC17 ("Advanced")
Panasonic BQ-CC55 ("Quick Advanced 3 Hour")
Fujitsu FCT344AUFX(CL) ("Quick Charger")
Duracell CEF23(AU) Mobile Charger (0.5A USB output)
Sony BCG34HRE4KN ("CycleEnergy Quick Charger with Refresh Function <-- unusual to have refresh in a compact charger; untested by me yet)
disappointment: iGo green (also handles RAM)

Rayovac IC3 15-minute chargers (for IC3; and slow charge for NiCD/NiMH batteries):
Rayoavc PS6
Radio Shack 23-039
Rayovac PS5

Rayovac PS3 ("universal battery charger", handles RAM; not to be confused with similar models that are dumb) (also works as a "dumb" charger, to wake up run-down cells)

smart but low achiever, not proud of this child - needs to go back to school - engineering school: Digital Treasures ChargeIt! Battery Station Ultra (many variants & all handle RAM - but this little known one adds LiON!)

I provide this list not for you to come rob me or to humble brag, but to show I do have some experience with this topic, though I'm not the CPF's SilverFox. Smilie
Also, I can now just use the short names below.


The Opus BT-C3100 (or vendor-specific BT-C3400) v2.2 (get the latest firmware with the latest fixes) can also charge LiON batteries and has a quick test (internal resistance) that some deride but I find useful to identify problem batteries.

(The Maha does a quick resistance test before charging, is very picky and will unfortunately reject many problem batteries. In constrast, the BQ-CC17 will handle many problem batteries and is simple but slow - a great safe choice for newbies. The Opus is close behind, and then the La Crosse, which rejected some NiCd cells.)

The vendor GearBest may be a deal-killer for some SDers looking at the Opus $28 deal, who may not want to deal with the possible customer service problems reported in some deal threads. (I only placed one order through GearBest, for the Opus and other items, because GB was the ONLY source for that charger at the time - no problem for that sample size of ONE.) This deal ships from China, with all the associated complaints about delays and lost shipments, unlike the earlier $27 deal from GearBest's US warehouse. (Which I still regret not acting on in time.)

Another deal-killer may be the fan, which is effective for cooling the charger and keeping it safer. It is low-quality, and some find it noisy. But it is a cheap fix to replace if it dies or one wants a better, quieter fan.

You can see many SDers (especially Nekoman, as do I) extolling its virtues in the Opus, battery charger, and battery deal threads, so I won't repeat that. Though it is disturbing how SD is removing so many older threads - deleting a huge chunk of its informative database.)


This Bluetech AV-1000 "seems" similar to the La Crosse BC-1000, with the addition of USB output of 5V/1A and the change to a 12V power supply (verus the BC-9009's 3V PS, which replaced the RECALLED 3.2V PS - I will comment more on the La Crosse thermal runaway / meltdown crisis later), which eases portable use in a vehicle with 12V power outputs (e.g. CLA - cigarette lighter adapter).

At this price, this is a huge bargain compared to the now $55.12 average price for the BC-1000, according to camelx3.
(To be fair, the BC-1000 is a kit, which adds a carry case, 4 each of AA & AAA REGULAR NiMH and 4 each of 1-cell to C & D adapters. In ye olde days, I willingly paid about this for the BC-9009 kit. The adapters are OK, but I soon discovered 2AA-D adapters. The batteries are poor quality and have high internal resistance, inferior to the well-regarded true 2700mAh AA Powerex (regular) NiMH in the Maha kit. Now, you can find superior LSD batteries and high-capacity adapters like 3AA-D and 4AAA-C adapters, so save your money and assemble your own kit.)

This is cheaper than the less-powerful La Crosse BC-700, which averages $33.21 according to camelx3. The BC-700 tops off at 700mA, while the AV-1000 & BC-1000 can go up to 1800mA (2 specific slots only) or 1000mA (4 slots). The BC-700 uses a less versatile ? 3V ? power input.

(I mention the BC-700 as an object lesson. WARNING: PET PEEVE / LECTURE AHEAD: I mention the BC-700 because it USED to make sense as a bargain ANALYZING alternative to the $50+ BC-1000 and Maha MH-C9000 analyzing chargers when the BC-700 often sold for $15, then $17, then $20, then $25... In the meantime, this became the most popular recommendation in SD and other forums, e.g. by NLee the Engineer in Amazon customer reviews. The SD effect and La Crosse ? price-gouging? drove up the price to over $30. Unfortunately, the newly converted often preach the loudest, so the BC-700 kept getting recommended even as the competition surpassed it in functions and lower price.

I want to single out Opus because they have more new functions at a lower price. More importantly, when enthusiast forums like CPF and BLF, where Opus has a presence, complained, Opus made fixes with firmware (new unit / hardware version you buy; NOT software update, NOT downloadable firmware update). Yes, La Crosse chargers display the firmware version, but I don't really see a way to get new firmware except with a (major) model change, e.g. BC-900 to BC-9009 to BC-1000. And the La Crosse meltdown crisis lasted longer than the Samsung Note 7 crisis. While the US sellers understandably charge more for quicker delivery and better customer-service for Opus, the China sellers like GearBest are NOT price-gouging on these highly-regarded Opus chargers - in fact, we get ever-cheaper deals on already bargains. Powerex and La Crosse should not rest on their laurels for so long.

Specifically, years ago, I lusted after the BT-C2000 for its functions and its C & D adapters - I can now analyze C & D cells, but waited for the price to drop. NLee the Engeiner declared "With the latest firmware, this is now my ULTIMATE Advanced Charger". In the meantime, I watched the growing pains of the BT-C3100, monitored the BLF group buy, and with my growing interest in LiON batteries and devices, it became a no-brainer to finally gamble on offshore seller GearBest to get all these functions for the same price as a BC-700. And later, I discovered I could buy the C & D adapters separately.
Lesson?: Stop repeating outdated information.

Okay, got long, here are some cons as I see them, with some positives:

- No mention of warranty at online sellers
(Positive note: The few owners in this thread report no problems.)

- Few reviews on Amazon
(I found the Youshiko YC4000 looks similar, and SDer joeg9897's post links to 275 customer reviews on Amazon UK. Note that different brands may have different specs - the BC-1000 has different slot selection buttons and La Crosse most probably enforces their own specifications especially after their recall - and noted reviewer HKJ reported different USB behavior on two similar but competing models.)
(Possibly positive note: The few Youshiko YC4000 reviews that mention the USB port seem to imply that it can be used concurrently with battery charging.)

- Unknown Bluetech history for customer service and support. One of the 18 Amazon reviewers had a problem and the seller did not respond.
(Amazon UK customers complained that Youshiko had an under-construction website - still true when I just checked - but did seem responsive when contacted.)

- Unknown Bluetech quality and reliability.
For the low price and the good return policies of Amazon and Staples, I think this is a good gamble for a techie like me. I have the experience and competing analyzing chargers to compare the Bluetech to, to evaluate it.
For those buying it for newbies, I suggest you test it out thoroughly during the return period. Then still, follow the more cautious rules as if you're charging the more dangerous LiON chemistry (though you're not: NiCd and NiMH are pretty safe, though I have seen some NiMH leak) - monitor at all times, put on a fireproof surface, pull batteries when done, maintain adequate cooling and airflow. La Crosse chargers are easy to use for straight charging (i.e. can ignore the manual and advanced features): just pop in batteries and they charge at the default 200mA rate, which is safe.
BTW, for those in this thread who are concerned about this "low" rate, NLee the Engineer says the BC-1000 charges with a 25% duty cycle, so that is really a 800mA pulse, which helps with detection of termination. Though my BC-9009 (I'm repeating myself for those who read this before) does tend to overcharge because it has a high trickle current (should be a taper down top off / maintenance current) and tends to miss termination more often than my other chargers. 1.48 terminal voltage is common, even on Eneloops, and I have seen 1.54 and even 1.68! (Yes, I do check with DMMs, which have been cross-checked with Fluke 87 DMMs - versions I & III.). I take advantage of that behavior to "stuff" batteries full, especially problem batteries.

(Corrected my model of Opus BT-C3100 to v2.1 higher up in post.)
(Corrected 2700m to 2700mAh above.)

I want to clarify what I said above about NLee and pulsed current and termination detection. Yes, instantaneous pulsed current is (4X) higher than nominal (average) current of 200mA, which helps with detection of termination. I respect all of NLee's contributions, but do disagree with some of what he(?) says enough that I don't need to possibly mislead what he actually says, which is a lot more on this topic (which is a good topic since several commenters have already commented on current and termination - why I brought it up in the first place).

So here's more: NLee the Engineer's review of La Crosse Technology BC-700 Alpha Power Ba []



P.S. Why do I want so many analyzing chargers when I have so many compact chargers?
I have a wide variety of batteries, of varying age and quality, some tossed in with chargers won on eBay. So, many of them are problem batteries. Even in my temperate climate, solar light usage is hard on batteries; they get run down to under-voltage and TEMPORARILY develop high resistance. I need to "wake" back up some batteries by manually charging (some will jump from 0.5V to 1.1V after a few minutes) or refreshing if necessary. The Opus' Quick Test is invaluable in monitoring the resistances - if they are much lower after charging, fine. If not, then refresh. If still high, then mark as problematic and monitor - if they charge but won't HOLD a charge - finally recycle (as hazardous waste). If I'm not around a dumb charge or don't want to do the paper clip jumper trick on other chargers, the Maha will bring 0/low volt batteries to life with a 125mA trickle charge until it switches over the (higher) chosen charge rate. (Though I heard that if one leaves a low voltage battery long enough in the La Crosse or Panasonic, it will EVENTUALLY trickle charge to a high enough voltage to also switch to regular charging.)

So...I have uses for all the different behaviors of all my children.

OTH, if newbies or everyone just standardize on Eneloops / Fujitsus for their excellent quality and CONSISTENCY, they need only one or no analyzing charger because there would be very few problems and scarce need to "match" batteries. That is when the now oft-repeated recommendation of the BQ-CC17 charger as the "best" but slow charger makes sense. (Pet peeve much? You can guess now that, otherwise, I don't really think it is THE "best" charger.)

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03-08-2017 at 02:41 AM
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the words battery charger obviously means its for rechargeable batteries
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Is this charger worthy for the elite rechargeable batteries?
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Is this better than the 4 channel 4 * AA eneloop chargers?
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curious how this is quality wise as well as I would like to get into buying rechargeables. I already have a nitecore d2 charger that I use for 18650 for a vape pen setup and if that actually is better than most chargers like this then I would rather use that, I dont mind the fact it can only charge 2 batteries at a time and really prefer not to buy a $40-50 charger like I see the Lacrosse one mentioned in these forums.

Also, i've been wonder if the nitecore can be used to test alkaline batteries just to see how much juice is left in them?
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Original Poster
Quote from hp79
Is this better than the 4 channel 4 * AA eneloop chargers?
got one last time, has the functionality (modes/current options) of the Ll Crosse BC1000 so yes
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Quote from hp79
Is this better than the 4 channel 4 * AA eneloop chargers?
Depending on which model you are talking about, the standard eneloop chargers can only charge a pair at a time. This can discharge, refresh, and self-test individual cells.

And these days, its really all done by IC anyways, so it shouldn't be too different from the LC models, most likely the same factory. Unless they farked something up in the firmware, it's a pretty good price for a general purpose charger (based on reviews).
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They could also fark up capacitors.
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Perfect deal....I could use this as a gift, and had $5 left on a gift card to use up at Staples. Thanks OP!

I really hope this is similar to my LaCrosse BC1000 in performance. Looks identical.
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Quote from hp79
Is this better than the 4 channel 4 * AA eneloop chargers?
oh ya, much better, this is a "smart charger"
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Thanks, OP - liked my LaCrosse until the display died... looking forward to using this instead of my dumb chargers
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