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Post #147064648 added 05-05-2021 7:30 AM by meulbr in Deal Talk
I received my checks that made up the difference from their mistakes. As long as there are no issues like the one guy reported in cashing them, all is good.
Post #146993197 added 05-01-2021 3:40 PM by popomama in Deal Talk
Do we just take the picture of the store receipt and submit it online? Can I take multiple pictures as the receipt is too long. I appreciate if someone can share how they submit the receipt. Thanks.
Post #146930705 added 04-28-2021 3:32 PM by rally5 in Deal Talk
Problem with caching the rebate. Got my three $10 checks last week. Deposited them and my bank BB&T then got a letter from my bank being charged $36 fees because they said that they couldn't locate...
Post #146767688 added 04-21-2021 12:23 AM by Relik in Deal Talk
My first 2 rebates came back valid for $10 checks. My second two rebates were just submitted a few days ago so it will be a week before i know the outcome. Glad to know CS is rectifying errors, but...
Post #146765300 added 04-20-2021 8:36 PM by jchen09 in Deal Talk
Called today and customer service put in a request for the $9 difference without any fight. It almost seems like they know about the issue.
Post #146763485 added 04-20-2021 6:55 PM by Pga in Deal Talk
Thanks for the heads up guys. Cancelled my order w/ Amazon S&S. This rebate sheetshow isn't worth $10
Post #146757722 added 04-20-2021 2:05 PM by tk321 in Deal Talk
Having same issue. One of my rebates for 6 cans came to a $1 check. Another was rejected and marked "Invalid". It's probably because my receipt is marked 3 cans at $4.99 and 3 cans at $0.00 so it...
Post #146731940 added 04-19-2021 12:31 PM by krayzie in Deal Talk
Lol got a rebate for $5 guess I need to call them
Post #146730854 added 04-19-2021 11:51 AM by meulbr in Deal Talk
On the phone with them now and they are fixing them.
Post #146730647 added 04-19-2021 11:45 AM by jchen09 in Deal Talk
Same I got a $1 rebate check instead of $10. Any luck contacting customer service? I'm thinking mine is because I redeemed a few dollars of Walgreens rewards so the total charged was under $10.
Post #146730551 added 04-19-2021 11:42 AM by meulbr in Deal Talk
I got screwed on 2 of my rebates. They only sent checks for $1 and $5. The other 3 were $10.
Post #146579234 added 04-12-2021 6:07 AM by meulbr in Deal Talk
When you pickup your order at the store, a receipt will print out. Just make sure they give it to you.
Post #146575079 added 04-11-2021 7:48 PM by BuyOrNotbuy in Deal Talk
I ordered online and picked up at the store. I have the online order confirmation but this rebate requires a receipt from store register. So, I cannot claim the rebate :confused:
Post #146550995 added 04-10-2021 8:37 AM by Shadow Rider in Deal Talk
Wonder how long it takes to get that rebate if I move
Post #146526410 added 04-09-2021 4:48 AM by ratdog49640 in Deal Talk
I found out the hard way myself. Ordered 6 cans online, one was cancelled. Called store, they would not substitute, so I cancelled order. I then made instore purchase , only to find the pricing...
Post #146525303 added 04-09-2021 1:01 AM by Relik in Deal Talk
That sucks, but order some online and return the ones you bought when you pick the order up. Check if you have the $5 rewards for $15 purchase coupon on the site. You just have to add something...
Post #146523590 added 04-08-2021 9:07 PM by testitnow in Deal Talk
Would I get a receipt I can use for rebate with ship to store? Thx.
Post #146522915 added 04-08-2021 8:10 PM by cjfrugal in Deal Talk
Wish I knew that before I bought them
Post #146519534 added 04-08-2021 4:56 PM by ratdog49640 in Deal Talk
You are correct for in store purchase. Online they are half price on receipt
Post #146518958 added 04-08-2021 4:19 PM by cjfrugal in Deal Talk
mine rang up $4.99 and bogo $0.00
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