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Post #148145599 added 06-27-2021 7:18 AM by Phreekie in Deal Talk
Does this work with the 3/$9 deal going on now?
Post #148058626 added 06-22-2021 10:59 PM by funkmasterta in Deal Talk
at $3.69 / 8pk it's like $0.29 a can after all the discounts and futre gift cards - too expensive for me but thanks! I'd rather get La Croix for $0.25 a can at Costco and not have to go thru hoops...
Post #148058329 added 06-22-2021 10:40 PM by truble in Deal Talk
Mendota Springs and AHA
Post #147959731 added 06-20-2021 7:32 PM by nerdgrl416 in Deal Talk
What state are you from? It’s always 4.99-5.99 in Cali
Post #147956950 added 06-20-2021 5:25 PM by dakkan01 in Deal Talk
If you are buying all drinks. You are better off doing 3 separate orders of $15, that will give you a total $45 and $15 in Gift cards. Verse spending $50 to get the 2 GC totaling $15.
Post #147955459 added 06-20-2021 4:16 PM by tireshark in Deal Talk
The Target deal also had a 25% off coupon, which made it $2.85 a 12 pack. That's about the lowest I see them get these days. Most of the time I drink Sams choice cola from Walmart... tastes about...
Post #147955240 added 06-20-2021 4:04 PM by funkmasterta in Deal Talk
Doesn't look like Target carries those. ​
Post #147953809 added 06-20-2021 2:46 PM by TheJerkStoreCalled in Deal Talk
Yes, which is why I don't follow how $0.000001 of sugar water for $0.33 is a deal
Post #147951355 added 06-20-2021 12:50 PM by Dyerseve1221 in Deal Talk
Crazy how many people buy soda from a soda post.....would have NEVER saw it coming!
Post #147950842 added 06-20-2021 12:28 PM by njf in Deal Talk
Do you lose the gift cards if something is OOS?
Post #147949135 added 06-20-2021 11:00 AM by lisaandbutch in Deal Talk
Am I the only one who is shocked that people pay this much money for soda?? Wow! Shocked!!
Post #147949072 added 06-20-2021 10:58 AM by Gears_and_Beers in Deal Talk
Are you referring to a certain training material excerpt? I think I remember it saying to be less of something, but I can't for the life of me remember what...? (Being sarcastic)
Post #147947071 added 06-20-2021 9:07 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
AHA is the sparkllng water brand in cans.
Post #147946207 added 06-20-2021 8:25 AM by hades321 in Deal Talk
They market under 'Dasani Sparkling' and 'Smartwater Sparkling'
Post #147946093 added 06-20-2021 8:21 AM by Trevz86101 in Deal Talk
Dasani adds sodium which increases thirst, so no thanks!
Post #147945739 added 06-20-2021 8:01 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
Agreed. Aluminum can prices have shot up as have many raw materials in general. $3 a 12 pack/cans is about as good as its been recently with the exception of a Walgreens deal which was slightly less...
Post #147945721 added 06-20-2021 8:01 AM by g3ck1 in Deal Talk
Target had buy 3 12-packs of coke for $13 last week.
Post #147945574 added 06-20-2021 7:53 AM by catnapped in Deal Talk
Not here. Walmart is regularly $5+ now and what normal grocery considers to be a "sale" is $5.99 or more. $2.50 and $3 per are long gone.
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