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Post #149854312 added Today 12:47 PM by Livesai in Hot Deals
Yeh I remember the time where I got 6 Well Fargo accounts I never signed up for...
Post #149839273 added Yesterday 8:30 PM by clueless in Hot Deals
Signed up for this card. Go to the web site to set up auto-pay, which i do with all my credit cards, and it's unavailable. Because I don't have a WF checking account. They make this a PITA by...
Post #149828890 added Yesterday 11:37 AM by deeGEE83 in Hot Deals
Thank you! Gonna call today
Post #149826262 added Yesterday 9:34 AM by gouwaksky in Hot Deals
Forgot to mention, I called to have the product change. I knew about this card when they first came out through nerdwallet mentioning it. CS was not able to give me the bonus b/c I'm not a new...
Post #149826202 added Yesterday 9:31 AM by gouwaksky in Hot Deals
No $200 promotion bonus. I'm not signing up as a new customer. I value my historical credit transfer more than the $200 bonus that will be taxed.
Post #149825908 added Yesterday 9:16 AM by deeGEE83 in Hot Deals
Did you get the bonus? Did you call or did they do it automatically? What if I am platinum?
Post #149818117 added 09-21-2021 8:22 PM by Peerless_Warrior in Hot Deals
Tax on the bonus is about 40%, no?
Post #149817994 added 09-21-2021 8:15 PM by gouwaksky in Hot Deals
Idk if anyone responded but I had my old platinum card product changed to this Active cash card. Finally a WF cc that is usable.
Post #149817028 added 09-21-2021 7:15 PM by iBoo in Hot Deals
Can't be approved for this credit card. Lol
Post #149816443 added 09-21-2021 6:33 PM by Stringer77 in Hot Deals
588 credit score, 5 accounts in collection. Instantly approved
Post #149812624 added 09-21-2021 3:27 PM by nw2this in Hot Deals
Are they accepting people over 5/24 or churners. I’ll pretty much take any card with sign up bonus if they’ll give it to me.
Post #149799469 added 09-20-2021 10:51 PM by ElectronicsAddict in Hot Deals
Simple Google searches reveal all of this and most customers would read to see what is being done to correct issues at the bank they bank with. While you might think it's simple to just drop your...
Post #149799346 added 09-20-2021 10:34 PM by FuschiaScene411 in Hot Deals
Lmao, it’s a WF employee trying to downplay the magnitude
Post #149799343 added 09-20-2021 10:34 PM by FuschiaScene411 in Hot Deals
Wells Fargo is a piece of shit company, and the only reason this has upvotes is because they’re paid for.
Post #149799298 added 09-20-2021 10:29 PM by ElectronicsAddict in Hot Deals
While true, as news has been reported that they have incurred a new fine within the last month for something that happened in 2018, all issues I've read about took place before appointment of their...
Post #149799223 added 09-20-2021 10:14 PM by kwaboat in Hot Deals
Their problems are way more widespread than that and are still onging.
Post #149764486 added 09-18-2021 10:57 PM by PyroFreak in Hot Deals
Meh these CC offering $200 is chump change. They need to adjust for inflation.. and up the amount back.
Post #149757112 added 09-18-2021 1:26 PM by kensteele in Hot Deals
you might have some sort of virus on your computer. dunno. :scratchh: ...
Post #149750662 added 09-18-2021 6:04 AM by jeffwi in Hot Deals
3 Points per dollar accrual rate is a promotional value and expires on 06/30/2022, at which time points will accrue at 2 points per dollar. This USAlliance card doesn't seem like such a good deal...
Post #149750338 added 09-18-2021 5:36 AM by TakeTheActive in Hot Deals
I went to your LINK, CLICK'd on "Learn More" under "Earn 3% cash back rewards on every dollar you spend", saw this pop up: ...closed the Tab in my browser and continued on with my day...
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