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Post #157964068 added Yesterday 5:23 PM by slickernsnot in Hot Deals
My local Wells Fargo banker looked online for a while, but she just could not locate the $250 offer, so I got the $200. If anyone out there knows a particular way for a banker to access the $250,...
Post #157959385 added Yesterday 1:19 PM by slidog in Hot Deals
They'll be moving on without me!
Post #157871233 added 09-29-2022 10:17 AM by yonster in Hot Deals
Finally found a banker at a local branch that was able to pull up the $250 bonus offer. Thanks!
Post #157862431 added 09-28-2022 9:35 PM by KorgGamer69 in Hot Deals
I’m with BooBooo. While I’d love to believe that were the case, they have to earn back the trust of the public. And unless you giving ME that fine money, you ain’t earning back my trust anytime soon....
Post #157860631 added 09-28-2022 7:43 PM by TochiT in Hot Deals
I am more interested in why you want to pay more than 4 times a month. Looks like debit cards are perfect for you.
Post #157795402 added 09-25-2022 6:15 PM by FeistyWing8424 in Hot Deals
FYI on this card from hells Fargo. I like to pay of my card as cards show but you are only allowed 4 times a month to make payment from a non Wells Fargo account Only credit card that does...
Post #157790410 added 09-25-2022 12:21 PM by LanceTX in Hot Deals
I should've added that the first rep I spoke to at the branch was also clueless. She asked her coworker who knew exactly how to look it up on their system and I then applied with her and was out of...
Post #157789945 added 09-25-2022 11:44 AM by dealover123 in Hot Deals
The clowns at the Los Angeles Wells Fargo branches don't know anything about a $250 Credit Card Bonus for applying in branch nor were they willing to inquire. Anyone in LA have luck?
Post #157787746 added 09-25-2022 9:22 AM by wealthisachoice in Hot Deals
I opened the checking account and the credit card at the same time and have had no challenges. Bonuses on both paid out as promised and credit card bonus was fast compared to most. I did it in bank...
Post #157785481 added 09-25-2022 6:54 AM by funkmasterta in Hot Deals
$200 for $1000 spend seems quite measly these days. 😕😕😕
Post #157717651 added 09-21-2022 3:13 PM by LanceTX in Hot Deals
Not sure about LA, but I got the $250 bonus offer at the nearest branch to me here in the Dallas area yesterday. The personal banker there indicated that it should be valid at any branch.
Post #157673335 added 09-19-2022 2:40 PM by dealover123 in Hot Deals
Any WFB branches in Los Angeles that offer the $250 signing bonus?
Post #157615336 added 09-16-2022 9:55 AM by wad2k6 in Hot Deals
Based on all the complaints of that crap bank, I'm glad I didn't get it. A free $200 if it were easy, which in my case, and anyone over 800 pts credit rating with essentially no dings it should be...
Post #157615246 added 09-16-2022 9:52 AM by dekoy08 in Hot Deals
I got my $200 in points instantly once I charged 1k. I actually wasn't expecting it that quickly because it said that you had to wait a few weeks for it to show up.
Post #157615189 added 09-16-2022 9:51 AM by dekoy08 in Hot Deals
My FICO is 795 and they approved me for 18k. Not sure why you weren't able to get it.
Post #157615132 added 09-16-2022 9:48 AM by dekoy08 in Hot Deals
"$200 bonus to the peasants"... Dude, your post was literally you crying that you couldn't get this deal. Lmao you played yourself.
Post #157580407 added 09-14-2022 1:19 PM by ejvyas in Hot Deals
Adding a comment to annoy others and increase the comment count. I have nothing important to say about this deal but I see the previous discussion doing the same. Enjoy 😜
Post #157571599 added 09-14-2022 5:07 AM by Boobooo in Hot Deals
Actually not... not all news comes from Netflix and Tiktok and facebook like some people may believe... PS: Did you read how Wells Fargo recently got caught in yet another one - this time they only...
Post #157568530 added 09-13-2022 9:19 PM by NoGagReflex in Hot Deals
Hey bro what's your geo coordinates?
Post #157567255 added 09-13-2022 7:50 PM by anni77777 in Hot Deals
We get it..you watched the new Netflix documentary too.
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