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Post #152466931 added 12-26-2021 8:32 AM by iwheela in Hot Deals
You do understand out of the thousands of cards out there, only a handful or so have 2% cashback. And even some of those have certain hoops or requirements that don't make it 2% directly back in...
Post #152400733 added 12-23-2021 2:44 AM by britdude in Hot Deals
You live under a rock?
Post #150405358 added 10-19-2021 2:41 PM by Surfer5 in Hot Deals
That's right. It is a cycle that you have to be in. Maybe apply towards the end of the quarter??
Post #150402931 added 10-19-2021 1:10 PM by ULTiMaX99 in Hot Deals
Didn't see anybody mention this, but in order to qualify for tier 1 rewards (2.5%) you need to be tier 1 eligible for an entire quarter. "New cardholders will initially earn Tier Two Rewards until...
Post #149822077 added 09-22-2021 5:41 AM by Surfer5 in Hot Deals
Thanks for the DP.
Post #149812675 added 09-21-2021 3:29 PM by CleverString959 in Hot Deals
The reason given was “too many revolving credit lines.”
Post #149693443 added 09-15-2021 1:46 PM by Surfer5 in Hot Deals
Damn! Sorry for your HP. Do you know why they rejected you? Is it coz of credit score or something else? My concern is my credit history which is around 2yrs only. Don't want to waste Hard Pull...
Post #149693158 added 09-15-2021 1:37 PM by CleverString959 in Hot Deals
Yes it does. I signed up for the bicycle group for $5 and then added the membership number to my application and got approved for an account. Then they denied my credit application. It was a waste of...
Post #149671042 added 09-14-2021 5:05 PM by cirewu in Hot Deals
No idea just parroting what I've read. I'd personally go Alliant.
Post #149668528 added 09-14-2021 2:37 PM by Surfer5 in Hot Deals
Thank you for that info. Do you that being a member of that bicycle group makes you eligible for AOD? I read it was only for employees of those orgs. Also, will they disqualify you later for not...
Post #149668075 added 09-14-2021 2:10 PM by kensteele in Hot Deals
....we'll see.
Post #149667901 added 09-14-2021 1:57 PM by Surfer5 in Hot Deals
Thank you for mentioning this. I read TnC and it is promo 3* Every dollar(s) in qualifying purchase transactions, net of returns, made on their credit card account eligible in this Rewards...
Post #149661436 added 09-14-2021 9:11 AM by androidf58 in Hot Deals
The Wells Fargo card was a sweet deal too. Thanks for the math, I agree holding that the extra 0.5% is worth it when this card was already worth paying $120/annually.
Post #149661340 added 09-14-2021 9:06 AM by cirewu in Hot Deals
I know this is kind of an old thread/post, but you could also just transfer the monthly payment from your main bank account to the Alliant account. I guess it's a hoop, but it isn't so bad. Or just...
Post #149654086 added 09-13-2021 9:02 PM by kensteele in Hot Deals
recently got this:
Post #149653855 added 09-13-2021 8:37 PM by Surfer5 in Hot Deals
Joining that association is not free
Post #149142265 added 08-17-2021 2:43 PM by CleverString959 in Hot Deals
I was rejected for the AODFCU cards for the reason that I had too many revolving credit lines (cards).
Post #148975570 added 08-09-2021 6:02 AM by dlmxx in Hot Deals
Anyone can become a member of the Northeast Alabama Bicycle Association and then you can join AOD to get the credit card.
Post #148971850 added 08-08-2021 8:35 PM by jjwelser in Hot Deals
Great deal if you live in Alabama (looks like Anniston area) and work for one of the companies on their list:
Post #148971202 added 08-08-2021 7:44 PM by dlmxx in Hot Deals Visa Signature 3% cash back no fees or hoops to jump through. Have good credit!
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