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Post #149683072 added 09-15-2021 8:37 AM by nfingers in Deal Talk
its not showing for me either, but if you look at my comment. This exact monitor on Amazon in Used condition is $183.
Post #149683024 added 09-15-2021 8:36 AM by nfingers in Deal Talk
Amazon has this in the "Used Acceptable" condition for $183. I purchased this literally 2 weeks ago in this condition and the monitor is perfect sans missing some 3 dollar screws. Amazon even took an...
Post #149681599 added 09-15-2021 7:54 AM by wagsgt in Deal Talk
I have this monitor it’s excellent gaming monitor. One of the highest rated monitors. Great deal
Post #149681563 added 09-15-2021 7:53 AM by Bloodborne in Deal Talk
Totally depends on the game. Many highly competative games that benefit the most from fast framerates have low requirements, like CSGO, Valorant, most battle royales like PUBG/Apex/etc. will all hit...
Post #149681476 added 09-15-2021 7:50 AM by Bloodborne in Deal Talk
Placebo? Wait what? This is essential for fast paced and/or competative gaming. The motion is so much smoother and input so much more responsive there is no going back to lower refresh.
Post #149681410 added 09-15-2021 7:49 AM by Bloodborne in Deal Talk
Great price for high refresh 240Hz+ monitor. Been using a 1080p 144Hz G-sync IPS monitor for a couple years (EX2410) and definitely would upgrade to 240Hz if possible if I wasn't looking closely at...
Post #149681386 added 09-15-2021 7:48 AM by EroIzzy in Deal Talk
I don't think the price is discounted any longer
Post #149679544 added 09-15-2021 6:52 AM by duckeggs in Deal Talk
is this or the Dell 27 Gaming Monitor: S2721DGF a better gaming monitor for someone with high spec everything? thanks
Post #149678998 added 09-15-2021 6:34 AM by spatchcock in Deal Talk
TUF Gaming monitor! So many hertz it hurts!!!!!
Post #149677669 added 09-15-2021 4:20 AM by Cornholio29 in Deal Talk
Just in case 144Hz wasn't placebo enough for you.
you just made me cancel my order. thanks for the help
Post #149677144 added 09-15-2021 2:41 AM by BrilliantRyloth in Deal Talk
How is this for other use besides gaming like watching shows or anime?
Post #149675587 added 09-14-2021 9:47 PM by azoiic in Deal Talk
System need to be how fast roughly??
Post #149669302 added 09-14-2021 3:19 PM by bmbvenom in Deal Talk
As far as I'm aware, technically speaking the input lag doesn't go up with lower refresh rates. However, your inability to provide meaningful input goes up as your refresh rate goes down. To take it...
Post #149667223 added 09-14-2021 1:24 PM by cvisci489 in Deal Talk
Why is the input lag higher if gaming at lower refresh rates?
Post #149666923 added 09-14-2021 1:09 PM by FuschiaScene411 in Deal Talk
Honestly, a high quality 240-280Hz monitor is better than a 360Hz monitor that is cheap quality, despite the specs sound better on paper. Even if you find one that is at this price, it’s not going to...
Post #149666203 added 09-14-2021 12:35 PM by Cotay in Deal Talk
Awesome deal! I ordered three of the VG259Q 144Hz monitors for $209/each two days ago directly from Asus for three of my six children (two using 1650 Supers/one using a 1070). Oh well, I just...
Post #149663923 added 09-14-2021 10:52 AM by Awt13 in Deal Talk
I have this and love it. Need display port to do 280. Make sure you system is fast enough to push the FPS. This is plenty big for 1080 resolution.
Post #149659189 added 09-14-2021 7:27 AM by mjr2339 in Deal Talk
Bought one of these for my son last Christmas and he loves it. This is a great price and if he needed a second, I would jump on this price.
Post #149658502 added 09-14-2021 6:47 AM by bloomfielderic in Deal Talk
Looks like a better deal than AW2521
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