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Post #149909803 added 09-26-2021 12:43 PM by sssyw in Deal Talk
Noob question here ... Are 1440p monitors like this typically easily driven with normal laptops? My laptops seem to drive (via HDMI) 1080p without any problems or effort at all beyond plugging it...
Post #149865049 added 09-24-2021 12:13 AM by WeCanBeBros in Deal Talk
Yeah I had been looking for one for awhile too. And the only deals were VA panels. Also yeah the shipping for me said like 3 weeks wait which was fine with me, but then it arrived in like 3 or 4 days.
Post #149785213 added 09-20-2021 8:53 AM by shino_kun in Deal Talk
Did you get a tracking number for the 2nd monitor? I ordered 3 and got 3 separate UPS tracking numbers. I received 2 in just 2 days. But I'm still waiting on the 3rd monitor. The 3rd monitor...
Post #149758525 added 09-18-2021 3:08 PM by sleuthor in Deal Talk
Anyone know which is the HDMI 1.4 vs 2.0 on the monitor? I have mine setup but unsure if I'm using the correct port.
Post #149744605 added 09-17-2021 6:07 PM by Mike C in Deal Talk
I received my monitor yesterday and put it on my monitor arm at my desk last night and used it all day for work today, works great and no issues with small text at native resolution being fuzzy, etc....
Post #149744014 added 09-17-2021 5:34 PM by huwei95 in Deal Talk
I received only 1 of 2 monitors today. Officedepot said they don't have any in stock now, will process the refund
Post #149715880 added 09-16-2021 2:08 PM by admir in Deal Talk
Received a 22 inch cheap hp monitor instead just arrived today lol.
Post #149711920 added 09-16-2021 12:01 PM by simonatl in Deal Talk
grabbing one :)
Post #149695888 added 09-15-2021 4:13 PM by Mike C in Deal Talk
When I placed the order it said delivery estimated on 9/21, but I just got an update that it will be delivered by UPS tomorrow... but I bought it within minutes of being posted (lucky coindidence, I...
Post #149695510 added 09-15-2021 3:47 PM by bax711 in Deal Talk
Anyone else’s order still processing? Supposedly had 1 day delivery when I oredered yesterday.
Post #149690005 added 09-15-2021 11:58 AM by shino_kun in Deal Talk
You could use this as a TV with a Fire TV stick for example but you might not be able to turn off the monitor or adjust the volume via the remote. You would need to press buttons on the monitor to...
Post #149674372 added 09-14-2021 8:17 PM by Chemosh013 in Deal Talk
They seem to be pretty similar. If you have DisplayPort 1.4 I believe that supports VRR so that would be the kicker for me. You need HDMI 2.1, which is less common, for VRR over HDMI. ...
Post #149674060 added 09-14-2021 7:59 PM by jm92 in Deal Talk
Can someone give me the quick-and-dirty of whether I should be using the HDMI 2.0 port or the DisplayPort 1.2 port for gaming and general productivity. I’ve done some googling and I just can’t seem...
Post #149669485 added 09-14-2021 3:28 PM by shino_kun in Deal Talk
V277U VG270U (on this deal) Besides the 144hz refresh rate, the...
Post #149667934 added 09-14-2021 2:00 PM by blackmamba9 in Deal Talk
Thanks for the detailed response!
Post #149667619 added 09-14-2021 1:42 PM by mig0 in Deal Talk
Does this auto switch... That is I have 2 pcs asleep and activate one of them will it auto switch... My Dell 1440p does not
Post #149667088 added 09-14-2021 1:18 PM by qwertyaas in Deal Talk
Yeah I decided to keep the Costco one. I'd prefer the 2nd HDMI that this has and seems better brightness, but rather have it from Costco in case of anything. That and I'm too lazy to return and rebuy...
Post #149665990 added 09-14-2021 12:26 PM by wicked123 in Deal Talk
Gigabyte M27Q can be found for $300 on Amazon Definitely has advantages. It has 170hz Refresh rate rather than 144...
Post #149665840 added 09-14-2021 12:20 PM by B.Pham in Deal Talk
In for one, free return shipping. Need to upgrade from my 60hz anyway.
Post #149665744 added 09-14-2021 12:16 PM by wicked123 in Deal Talk
How are the speakers on this bad boy?
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