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Post #151500193 added 11-26-2021 8:48 AM by 190rev in Deal Talk
This deal is live again.
Post #149967055 added 09-29-2021 2:34 AM by manfromnowhere in Deal Talk
Yeah, I've been happy. Every so often the Eufys will miss something but I have them overlapped in the most important areas so ONE camera will usually catch something if both don't. Ideally 24/7...
Post #149967046 added 09-29-2021 2:32 AM by manfromnowhere in Deal Talk
Blink was always really quick to trigger, app worked okay. WiFi reception was excellent. I still have one of the cameras in my storage shed since I'm grandfathered in with free cloud storage. The...
Post #149966275 added 09-29-2021 12:24 AM by Samwise Gamgee in Deal Talk
Thanks for comment. Interested in doing similar hybrid setup. Eufys maby my next go-to's, replacing Wyze, etc.
Post #149963383 added 09-28-2021 8:43 PM by cococrisps in Deal Talk
I have blink above my door and eufy doorbell camera at the side of my door. Sometimes Blink records motion and sometimes Eufy doesnt record the motion AND vice versa. A few times both records when...
Post #149891875 added 09-25-2021 12:12 PM by jvin in Deal Talk
So you went from blink to eufy? I have blink now but not impressed and they charge new members for everything. What are your thoughts between the eufy and blink?
Post #149844709 added 09-23-2021 7:07 AM by manfromnowhere in Deal Talk
I tried that but it wasn't much better. I think the slow response was exacerbated by weak WiFi to the cameras/doorbells. I'm in a dense urban area so there are a lot of WiFI networks and the...
Post #149844520 added 09-23-2021 6:52 AM by Syndication in Deal Talk
For Ring, there is an additional app called Rapid Ring that allows you to view the video instantly. The regular Ring app is pretty slow because of the alarm integration now.
Post #149842876 added 09-23-2021 3:49 AM by manfromnowhere in Deal Talk
A hardwired camera that records 24/7 will never miss anything, but a lot of them don't have a good app or good motion detection. We had a hardwired system before the house got renovated top to bottom...
Post #149842666 added 09-23-2021 2:59 AM by sam_ay in Deal Talk
I don't have any direct sunlight coming to the front of my house. Guess solar panel cameras are not an option for me
Post #149824762 added 09-22-2021 9:15 AM by MONSTERDAD in Deal Talk
I just ordered online. Yet to receive the product. My need is to have Solar Panel without any monthly subscription pay. So it fits my needs. Hoping it should work as expected,
Post #149806129 added 09-21-2021 11:33 AM by JizJizJiz in Deal Talk
Local on camera. I have half dozen of these, they work well. I agree re: the solar panel comment above - these drain but charge well with the included solar panel.
Post #149806027 added 09-21-2021 11:28 AM by TAIWAN.NO1 in Deal Talk
E40 is pretty bad on battery so you really need to hook up with solar panel.
Post #149804059 added 09-21-2021 9:56 AM by BeepBopBeep in Deal Talk
Do these connect to their hub or it saves everything on the camera itself?
Post #149796457 added 09-20-2021 7:36 PM by viperaktive in Deal Talk
Got the same setup and love it.
Post #149792704 added 09-20-2021 3:50 PM by jvin in Deal Talk
How do you like them so far? I’m between these and Lorex. But not sure I want to do all the wiring.
Post #149792602 added 09-20-2021 3:44 PM by MONSTERDAD in Deal Talk
I bought this 2 days back. Got it price adjusted through chat.
Post #149789959 added 09-20-2021 1:15 PM by jvin in Deal Talk
eufy Security by Anker Solo Pro 2-pack Standalone Security Cameras with Solar Panels - Costco membership required. $40 manufacturer's savings is valid 9/19/21 through 9/26/21. While supplies...

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