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Post #151065979 added 11-15-2021 3:40 PM by zarraza in Deal Talk
dangit - OOS - anyone know of any other deals? been looking for this tree for going on 3 christmas seasons now - and have NEVER seen them this cheap - not even on clearance....if you can even find...
Post #151020655 added 11-14-2021 2:40 AM by chung_chang in Deal Talk
Got it setup today. Light shows are beautiful and mesmerizing. Played with it for 5 hours straight and couldn't pull myself away. Tree density matters very little next to the lights. Very satisfied....
Post #151011241 added 11-13-2021 3:55 PM by hawtsoup in Deal Talk
Just ordered one a few hours ago, now the website shows OOS. Hoping no cancellation :/
Post #150989641 added 11-12-2021 5:47 PM by chung_chang in Deal Talk
E b _ t e s also has 3% cash back on Big Lots E-gift cards. Works out to about $6 - 7.
Post #150989539 added 11-12-2021 5:43 PM by chung_chang in Deal Talk
Received mine today and still in the box. But the manual cover clearly says Generation 2.
Post #150989266 added 11-12-2021 5:31 PM by ScoobieSnax in Deal Talk
Not sure what everyone is raving about. The branches are so sparse you can almost see right through this tree.
Post #150981778 added 11-12-2021 12:27 PM by diavolo33 in Deal Talk
Check your Chase offers. I had 10% back ($6 max) and 5% back ($3 max) @ BL. Not a huge amount, but a way to get the net price down even more.
Post #150981430 added 11-12-2021 12:15 PM by rdog86 in Deal Talk
I'm supposed to get mine next week. I'll let you know
Post #150979216 added 11-12-2021 10:53 AM by atlantavip in Deal Talk
Does anyone know if this is a generation one or generation two?
Post #150944245 added 11-11-2021 7:38 AM by Bulldogpride08 in Deal Talk
Thanks! Had an extra $5 off $50 from paypal plus 5% cashback with paypal using chase flex. Should be under $200 after all said and done.
Post #150838951 added 11-07-2021 5:15 AM by JakeNightmore in Deal Talk
$214 now. Even if the tree isn't great, this is a good deal even for the lights alone. Prices went up on those.
Post #150819004 added 11-06-2021 9:26 AM by chung_chang in Deal Talk
Higher discount now -- $70 off. Paid $214 before tax.
Post #150647767 added 10-30-2021 1:21 PM by Doughtonhall in Deal Talk
Not taking $60 off at checkout
Post #150584749 added 10-27-2021 5:34 PM by chung_chang in Deal Talk
dead? Don't see $60 discount.
Post #150565267 added 10-26-2021 8:49 PM by Jtran527 in Deal Talk
Pete lit trees are so much aesthetically pleasing.
Post #150317389 added 10-15-2021 6:35 AM by jbjohn942 in Deal Talk
Just got mine yesterday and while it's not as full as my last tree, I'm happy with it. The lights are amazing.
Post #150300325 added 10-14-2021 8:53 AM by gr8scottaz in Deal Talk
It's pretty bad. I'm not sure how this deal is getting this good of ratings - it's definitely for the twinkly lights and not the tree. This tree is about as low budget as it gets. To each their...
Post #150269536 added 10-12-2021 5:38 PM by BlueSnow4186 in Deal Talk
Thank you. I’m looking to get a tree now, does anyone know how this looks in person?
Post #150227293 added 10-10-2021 5:01 PM by PariahPhoenix in Deal Talk
Yeah I meant "more" branches. Swipe texting doesn't always get it right.
Post #150219340 added 10-10-2021 8:49 AM by TechiMan in Deal Talk
I think you are essentially paying the same price, the quality of tree doesn’t look that great and you can get for $100 on promotions around this time
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