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Post #150354250 added 10-17-2021 10:31 AM by nukemup in Deal Talk
you clowns know why said clown look was invented, right? to conceal that man area that is age appropriate, your belly fat.
Post #150351082 added 10-17-2021 7:23 AM by c2nah777 in Deal Talk
That article is about darts- not "tucking in your shirt". I now see what you meant, but bad phrasing. I clicked and read your linked page, expecting to see how to best tuck in my shirt. Nope. ...
Post #150324937 added 10-15-2021 1:13 PM by zeusswayne in Deal Talk
Math is stupid
Post #150318871 added 10-15-2021 8:22 AM by a3b2c1r46 in Deal Talk
This is the stupidest shit I’ve ever read on this site. Congrats for that.
Post #150316927 added 10-15-2021 5:48 AM by madmax718 in Deal Talk
Thank goodness for you, because there are a lot of people with b.o. It's whatever bacteria live on thei skin. It replicates and lives in their clothing. It does stay in poly much more than cotton.
Post #150313993 added 10-14-2021 9:58 PM by 177010171a83 in Deal Talk
Man if I had a job I'd be all over this deal.
Post #150313285 added 10-14-2021 9:04 PM by gomzi in Deal Talk
Time to buy nasal decongestant 😜😜
Post #150312055 added 10-14-2021 7:42 PM by z32tt in Deal Talk
Do these have that sweet baggy look of the 80s?
Post #150310147 added 10-14-2021 5:43 PM by RedEye462 in Deal Talk
Guaranteed the shirts will not fit like shown on the model. They probably pinned the loose fabric in the back.
Post #150309901 added 10-14-2021 5:25 PM by The_Love_Spud in Deal Talk
The offset to that is many of these polyester blends can still get pretty uncomfortable in swampier environs. Of course, that's usually in climates that are already pretty swampy and uncomfortable in...
Post #150309820 added 10-14-2021 5:21 PM by The_Love_Spud in Deal Talk
It's the polyester fabric. You might often see similar labels as microfiber or wicking. Good luck! Jon
Post #150308269 added 10-14-2021 3:45 PM by superfastjumper in Deal Talk
Too baggy... clown look here we come! 🤡🤡🤡
Post #150307339 added 10-14-2021 2:51 PM by hommeg in Deal Talk
Perfect, don't need Karen calling the police
Post #150304216 added 10-14-2021 12:11 PM by soltan in Deal Talk
Lol good one
Post #150302251 added 10-14-2021 10:32 AM by mnementh in Deal Talk
What a strange fashion statement. :)
Post #150300571 added 10-14-2021 9:06 AM by NateRules in Deal Talk
Wow, a few years ago, you couldn't find a fully synthetic dress shirt for under a hundred dollars. Now they are $5. That is amazing. You know the colors wont fade like a cotton shirt and you won't...
Post #150299413 added 10-14-2021 8:13 AM by SnoopFrog in Deal Talk
Thank you for this tip. I was needing some new winter jogging gear too, so I combined some dress shirts with jogging gear for the $60 off. I didn't realize Costco applied that discount across...
Post #150299050 added 10-14-2021 7:52 AM by cubybear09 in Deal Talk
Because it fits my body type like a glove!
Post #150298168 added 10-14-2021 6:51 AM by jonnyd13 in Deal Talk
What exactly about these is "performance sport"? Do I wear these while playing lawn darts or something?
Post #150296842 added 10-14-2021 3:25 AM by ravikiran_ayyagari in Deal Talk
Who goes to office anymore 🙂?
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