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Post #150497353 added 10-23-2021 3:33 PM by HonestManatee4125 in Deal Talk
Now $1,149.99
Post #150497293 added 10-23-2021 3:28 PM by JamshaidK in Deal Talk
Parallels works fine on M1, bud. I do need that space. The distro I use for pentesting works seamlessly on Parallels, and has full support. Even VMware is almost done with Fusion for Apple...
Post #150491776 added 10-23-2021 9:40 AM by juggar in Deal Talk
You're not running VM's on an M1 MacBook bud, so no you dont need all that space.
Post #150491377 added 10-23-2021 9:15 AM by usercar007 in Deal Talk
Lacking vision lol? This is about buying a lightweight laptop you can trust its reliable vs buying something that is new and untested. BTW I know about framework laptop, but I'm not going to spend...
Post #150491305 added 10-23-2021 9:10 AM by DavidG3151 in Deal Talk
Bummer. Looks dead. Back up to $1149 at my store.
Post #150491224 added 10-23-2021 9:05 AM by connordog in Deal Talk
Here, let me help you...the future is now...https://frame.work
Post #150491185 added 10-23-2021 9:03 AM by connordog in Deal Talk
You are wrong...and lack vision...https://frame.work
Post #150491062 added 10-23-2021 8:54 AM by usercar007 in Deal Talk
Then you never will use a light weight laptop then. All light weight laptops have solder components and can't be upgraded. It's not just a apple thing.
Post #150490921 added 10-23-2021 8:45 AM by jaschiang in Deal Talk
Maybe it's just me, will never buy a computer that I can't upgrade or repair by myself down the road.
Post #150484513 added 10-22-2021 8:26 PM by JamshaidK in Deal Talk
The better question is, Why do they NEED to put in 256GB and charge $200 for industry standard storage? I NEED 512GB because this is professional grade laptop for big boys, not a Chromebook. 70GB...
Post #150477667 added 10-22-2021 2:23 PM by mrwhitewalker in Deal Talk
Looks like it is no longer on Sale, it was as of yesterday, I was 90% pulling the trigger.
Post #150476725 added 10-22-2021 1:36 PM by ec.auction in Deal Talk
can you share the link? similar spec in B&H is at least $200 more.
Post #150476560 added 10-22-2021 1:26 PM by mrgreed18 in Deal Talk
What am i pulling out of my ass? The screen brightness is 4x as bright as the M1 Air in the 14" It's right there in black and white. Battery tests mean nothing unless you know what the...
Post #150473638 added 10-22-2021 11:14 AM by thedrunk6ird in Deal Talk
You are pulling battery stats out of your ass. Apple rates M1 Air as 18 hours streaming, 15 hours web browsing. And the 14 inch Pro as a 17 hour streaming, 11 hours web browsing device. Of course,...
Post #150473089 added 10-22-2021 10:47 AM by jellysandwich in Deal Talk
uhhh what? you can't compare battery life based on just the display macbook air has bettery battery life even at 50wh vs 70wh ...
Post #150472555 added 10-22-2021 10:24 AM by mrwhitewalker in Deal Talk
B&H has the same price and more available than MC.
Post #150472030 added 10-22-2021 10:06 AM by juggar in Deal Talk
Why do you need more than 256GB? For school work and coding its honestly enough, If you NEED more then buy more. Most people I know dont actually need more than 256 GB. They just think they...
Post #150471784 added 10-22-2021 9:55 AM by JamshaidK in Deal Talk
They need to stop making laptops with less than 512GB immediately. The fact that they charge $200 for an upgrade is outrageous, when consumer prices for high end 500GB SSD's are less than $50. How...
Post #150470044 added 10-22-2021 8:45 AM by mrgreed18 in Deal Talk
Dont bother buying a Macbook Air with 8GB of RAM Who would spend $1000 on a laptop in 2021 with only 8GB of RAM? Do you plan on keeping it for 1-2 years? then grab this, if you plan on keeping...
Post #150469972 added 10-22-2021 8:43 AM by mrgreed18 in Deal Talk
For the average consumer, definitely. For those that are looking to keep a laptop more than 1 year - not so much. The display is on a whole other level. Brightness on the Air is about...
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