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Post #152474764 added 12-26-2021 4:40 PM by illmatic33 in Hot Deals
So what can this do that a DeWalt steel general purpose hammer cannot do?
Post #151168837 added 11-18-2021 6:46 PM by akw0088 in Hot Deals
I'm tempted with this hammer, but the biggest thing I'd frame is probably a shed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLEOdqiylC0
Post #150554254 added 10-26-2021 12:20 PM by babygdav in Hot Deals
Good to know!
Post #150552055 added 10-26-2021 10:53 AM by delala123 in Hot Deals
I wish they have smooth-faced version on sale. The Milled Face hammer will leave imprints on the woods.
Post #150548149 added 10-26-2021 8:02 AM by Electricalsushi in Hot Deals
I have the solid metal hammer as well and it's good for any work where I might knowingly hit the handle (demoing something covered in nails and screws). Wooden handles send less vibration and impact...
Post #150546580 added 10-26-2021 6:14 AM by EricE4951 in Hot Deals
I wish they had this hammer when I got into construction more than a decade ago. Back then, it was between a classic estwing and a stilleto. I went with stilleto because I found one on Craigslist for...
Post #150546139 added 10-26-2021 5:22 AM by emp in Hot Deals
You don't want milled faced for general stuff and 19oz is a bit too heavy, 16oz non milled faced is probably better as a general purpose hammer.
Post #150546073 added 10-26-2021 5:11 AM by TenderLlama5521 in Hot Deals
Arguments for or against this is as a “general” hammer? Mostly light duty work, hanging stuff, etc
Post #150545521 added 10-26-2021 3:44 AM by stangboy101 in Hot Deals
Its a framing 🔨, the waffle head is used to grip the nails and the axe handle makes it swing and strike harder with less effort.
Post #150545245 added 10-26-2021 2:56 AM by aberro in Hot Deals
This makes a good self defense weapon if you live in NY. If I didn’t already own 6 hammers, I would buy this.
Post #150544351 added 10-26-2021 12:23 AM by babygdav in Hot Deals
Or just solid metal and go decades without replacing anything...
Post #150544069 added 10-25-2021 11:51 PM by edoctor2 in Hot Deals
Anyone know where this one is made?
Post #150540268 added 10-25-2021 7:41 PM by Felon in Hot Deals
It's not a tool if there isn't the slight chance of injury!
Post #150537886 added 10-25-2021 5:43 PM by randomchaos in Hot Deals
I can attest it works incredibly well. Also, if anyone’s wondering, yes, if you hit your finger you can absolutely break it and have black out pain.
Post #150535729 added 10-25-2021 4:03 PM by cool-blue in Hot Deals
What is with the dimpler? I need some schooling. nevermind. I got it. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-10-in-Nail-Puller-with-Dimpler-48-22-9031/312907737#overlay
Post #150533563 added 10-25-2021 2:27 PM by ez1 in Hot Deals
Some combo deals with this hammer and free shipping to consider: 1. with hammer loop for $34.94: hammer loop combo 2. with FASTBACK Folding Utility Knife Set for $29.94: FASTBACK Folding...
Post #150533203 added 10-25-2021 2:10 PM by Electricalsushi in Hot Deals
Bought this in store yesterday. Has a nice feel with most of the weight in the steel head and a curved lightweight hickory handle that has a nice swing to it. At full price I would be more inclined...
Post #150532696 added 10-25-2021 1:48 PM by ionlyplaybops2 in Hot Deals
Are they doing free shipping until Christmas or what’s going on here?
Post #150543736 added 10-25-2021 1:01 PM by BostonGirl in Hot Deals
Home Depot has Milwaukee 19 oz. Wood Milled Face Hickory Framing Hammer on sale for $14.97. Shipping is free. Thanks to community member tunabreath for sharing this deal. Features: Precision...
Post #150531568 added 10-25-2021 1:01 PM by tunabreath in Hot Deals
Home Depot has Milwaukee 19 oz. Wood Milled Face Hickory Framing Hammer for $14.97. Shipping is free. ...

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