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Post #150696982 added 11-01-2021 5:31 PM by whitetrashwarrior in Hot Deals
If your an electrician, the screwdriver with the new electrical bits for receipts and such is your new favorite tool. Long time Klein guy but this thing is irreplacable. The ECX bits.
Post #150647878 added 10-30-2021 12:28 PM by eeagle in Hot Deals
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation 4-piece replacement set for multi-bit screwdrivers link
Post #150645091 added 10-30-2021 9:50 AM by crakarjax in Hot Deals
Good screwdrivers but afaik the bits are not replaceable, so when they're worn out you are SOL.
Post #150602770 added 10-28-2021 11:14 AM by Medscript in Hot Deals
I've broken more ratcheting mechanisms than I have standard though I can say for this specific tool. I suppose that's what the lifetime warranty is for.
Post #150602767 added 10-28-2021 11:14 AM by Blue_Oak in Hot Deals
I’ll catch grief for this, but if you’re simply looking for several occasional use (garage, junk drawer, glove boxes) multifunction screwdrivers, this Harbor Freight example at $2 is surprisingly...
Post #150602719 added 10-28-2021 11:12 AM by Medscript in Hot Deals
Depends on how much you knock it about. Long enough you don't have to worry in most cases for me. I usually demagnetize after I'm done Soni don't accidentally use it on something sensitive.
Post #150584470 added 10-27-2021 4:21 PM by detail in Hot Deals
Is the tip magnetized to hold a screw?
Post #150574633 added 10-27-2021 8:56 AM by jeff34270 in Hot Deals
The bits are all in the shaft. You just flip the pieces around to get the right option.
Post #150574114 added 10-27-2021 8:31 AM by fr0sty in Hot Deals
Does this come with a little case where the bits are stored or how are they stored otherwise? I was looking for something like this, but ideally pieces stored in the handle to save on space.
Post #150571453 added 10-27-2021 6:23 AM by Kevin4Deals in Hot Deals
I always preferred ratcheting. Why would you want ‘regular’ vs ratcheting? The attached deal is a little more, but curious of what other users think. ...
Post #150569662 added 10-27-2021 3:28 AM by SaturnFire in Hot Deals
This is a Deal. I purchased the 13-in-1 a few weeks ago for ~$17 by itself! I needed it for the ECX bits to do some DIY electrical receptacle work
Post #150567163 added 10-26-2021 9:51 PM by Medic311 in Hot Deals
i didn't realize this was a 2 pack, nvm
Post #150567052 added 10-26-2021 9:43 PM by bobdob in Hot Deals
If the screwdriver is decent steel, pretty much permanently. To demagnetize, you need to use the demagnetizing part of the magnetizer if it has one, or hit it on something very hard.
Post #150566569 added 10-26-2021 9:12 PM by novasian in Hot Deals
thanks op. good deal. just bought one
Post #150566338 added 10-26-2021 8:55 PM by Polo1967 in Hot Deals
thanks snagged one
Post #150565696 added 10-26-2021 8:15 PM by ToolNut in Hot Deals
Wish I would have purchased this set rather than the 2 pack of Milwaukee ratcheting screwdrivers on sale again. I am not impressed with the ratcheting set (one is a stubby) Oh well.
Post #150565246 added 10-26-2021 7:48 PM by drac in Hot Deals
I think it's meant to be used connected. It's really difficult to magnetize something for a long period of time.
Post #150565216 added 10-26-2021 7:47 PM by PDBS in Hot Deals
Thanks, will make a nice Christmas stocking stuffer.
Post #150564943 added 10-26-2021 7:32 PM by Medic311 in Hot Deals
i like the Klein Tools version better, and it's Made in USA
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