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Post #150881224 added 11-08-2021 8:46 PM by Wmgrant01 in Deal Talk
Halloweenie diabootus
Post #150876439 added 11-08-2021 5:09 PM by TidalWaveOne in Deal Talk
I'm glad I don't have Walmart+.........
Post #150869872 added 11-08-2021 12:39 PM by ponagathos in Deal Talk
Hey, Philly here too. I went to my local WM last Monday and all they had left was candy corn. I can not do Brach's after having Jelly Belly mellowcremes. Orders of magnitude better. Nothing...
Post #150865342 added 11-08-2021 9:40 AM by lamah in Deal Talk
Wow Walmarts really dumping a lot of candies this year, Halloween must’ve been a bust this year
Post #150863482 added 11-08-2021 8:14 AM by robrob777 in Deal Talk
I'm not going to Walmart unless it is a 35dlls discount minimum... It is rough over there. Police cars always parked outside, sometimes they have some checking your bag/ticket at the exit. Parking...
Post #150862864 added 11-08-2021 7:46 AM by FearAndLoathing in Deal Talk
Everything OOS for hours now. They still get small commissions for click-thru, your and everyone else’s time is meaningless to SD as long as they get them commissions.
Post #150862759 added 11-08-2021 7:40 AM by abi.ra in Deal Talk
I too wasted time looking around for more stuff and it went OOS. Oh well.
Post #150862723 added 11-08-2021 7:39 AM by abi.ra in Deal Talk
OOS for NJ as well :(
Post #150862354 added 11-08-2021 7:22 AM by zl25drexel in Deal Talk
It's still available for me in Philadelphia.. Pro tips: add an SD card to the order, it takes nothing to ship, then you won't feel as bad if you "decide to return it later"
Post #150862258 added 11-08-2021 7:16 AM by lamah in Deal Talk
Thank god none available around for me😅
Post #150861922 added 11-08-2021 6:55 AM by willnpc in Deal Talk
this just hit the FP (after every decent deal sold out) but this post was first started on Nov 1st?? great...thanks SD! Now next time if you could be 7 days earlier we would have seen it...
Post #150861328 added 11-08-2021 6:19 AM by monkey02 in Deal Talk
which one are you talking about ?:confused:
Post #150861217 added 11-08-2021 6:12 AM by arodrigues17 in Deal Talk
In the 10 minutes I took looking for things to hit $35, the kitkats went out of stock. I hate all of you!!
Post #150860557 added 11-08-2021 5:23 AM by CalmTable621 in Deal Talk
some are still available...got in on the Kit Kats. my mailman loves 'em.
Post #150860374 added 11-08-2021 5:04 AM by desynergy in Deal Talk
All of our Walmarts put them on 75 - 90% off on Saturday.
Post #150860218 added 11-08-2021 4:41 AM by MattTheRadarTech in Deal Talk
I'm guessing they take the candies off the store shelves so they can sell them online to charge a shipping fee or get people hooked on W+. A friend works at Wally and they took down Halloween stuff...
Post #150860008 added 11-08-2021 4:11 AM by Scoreracing in Deal Talk
All the fatties bought up the candy, haha. This deal is gone!
Post #150859969 added 11-08-2021 4:06 AM by bansh77 in Deal Talk
Post #150843175 added 11-07-2021 9:12 AM by PJM7072 in Deal Talk
Don't do it fatty
Post #150755461 added 11-03-2021 9:11 PM by luvable in Deal Talk
Ha!! Meanwhile, dentists are hoping you aren't Covid19 positive and you've been vaccinated. 🦷🦷🦷
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