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Post #151651801 added 11-29-2021 6:53 AM by g0dM@n in Deal Talk
My tool chest is a disaster of sockets. Definitely needed something like this!
Post #151593514 added 11-27-2021 9:42 PM by Riograd in Deal Talk
I have tried them all and ended up with these. Fast to grab and find what I need. I kept my old strips in the back to assemble to go kits when needed, please note I own snap-on brand trays and...
Post #151592737 added 11-27-2021 9:15 PM by logix_caster in Deal Talk
Seeing the same rails from other brands for much lesser. Is there any difference in the quality between other brands and Olsa? Or are they pretty much the same?
Post #151591552 added 11-27-2021 8:40 PM by Jesrf in Deal Talk
Thanks OP, awesome deal. Ordered two sets of each. Not sure what I will do with so many metric sizes but looking forward to getting these just the same.
Post #151589947 added 11-27-2021 7:46 PM by EZ_slickdealz in Deal Talk
Like others have said, I prefer rails that allow different configurations. These trays dictate sizes for your sets and take up a lot of space. Olsa sells these aluminum rails but they are also...
Post #151589725 added 11-27-2021 7:38 PM by exitstage1eft in Deal Talk
Ordered this then cancelled for the tray. Seems like the tray is better overall and I can put 1/2” stuff on there too. Amazon is giving me an error with cancelling though probably because of the...
Post #151589419 added 11-27-2021 7:30 PM by ClintiePoo in Deal Talk
https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1092384 A slightly different 3D print option.
Post #151589365 added 11-27-2021 7:29 PM by treasurebeacon in Deal Talk
FYI these do not fit impact sockets
Post #151589302 added 11-27-2021 7:28 PM by pixileyes in Deal Talk
Great...something I never knew I needed :D Now I want.
Post #151588276 added 11-27-2021 7:00 PM by cke-gt in Deal Talk
I'm with everybody else that has expressed dislike for this type of holder. I greatly prefer this type from the same brand: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073QMWYGK?th=1 Worth the extra money, imo.
Post #151588225 added 11-27-2021 6:58 PM by TalentedField9734 in Deal Talk
I don’t remember the last time I used an SAE socket or wrench. Pretty much worthless.
Post #151588111 added 11-27-2021 6:55 PM by elfnumber1 in Deal Talk
Doesn't work for me. Each set is between 20-30 bucks, unless you get the 4 pack. Not sure how to mix and match. I'm all metric here with my cars
Post #151587880 added 11-27-2021 6:49 PM by hskanner in Deal Talk
Thanks OP - got the 3/8 set for my father, who has a bucket of sockets, LOL. This should keep him entertained for a few hours trying to make 2 complete sets of SAE and Metric, shallow and deep (or...
Post #151587559 added 11-27-2021 6:39 PM by Dealzez in Deal Talk
Seems like a normal price for something like this
Post #151587130 added 11-27-2021 6:28 PM by fastfxr in Deal Talk
Odds of these fitting all your sockets: ZERO.
Post #151586926 added 11-27-2021 6:24 PM by qk03cobr in Deal Talk
Got all 3 sizes!! Thank you !!
Post #151583551 added 11-27-2021 4:51 PM by knive in Deal Talk
Each tray has space for deep and shallow. I'm going with for your 6 point and also 12 point socket sets.
Post #151580905 added 11-27-2021 3:34 PM by Tedpan1345 in Deal Talk
Definitely need those for mix much 3/8 and 1/2 size
Post #151579966 added 11-27-2021 3:09 PM by KarmicSynergy in Deal Talk
Post #151578676 added 11-27-2021 2:36 PM by 91LT250R in Deal Talk
I have these and I'm a big fan. You can turn them upside down and the magnets hold.
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