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Post #151894822 added 12-05-2021 5:27 PM by bigmace in Deal Talk
Wow you’re a bright one. And who needs a dvd drive. And Amazon and eBay have free return shipping on bad products. If you bothered to read my other posts you would see that I said you lower the...
Post #151892950 added 12-05-2021 4:06 PM by phillip9 in Deal Talk
you guys always say it is cheaper to build it, and then you leave out a bunch of important things, like the Windows Operating System, the DVD drive, the Wifi, etc... not to mention, if even 1...
Post #151873636 added 12-04-2021 8:35 PM by CleanFreak in Deal Talk
I've owned this for a few months. Now what are my options?
Post #151872718 added 12-04-2021 7:48 PM by bigmace in Deal Talk
For what it would cost for a decent video card you are better off just buying a prebuilt with one. Especially since this HP only has a 180w psu. Which is to weak for most modern gpus.
Post #151868737 added 12-04-2021 5:03 PM by CleanFreak in Deal Talk
Someome PLEASE post a link to the best video card upgrade this thing can handle for gaming. I can't figure it out after 3 versions of this same deal.. :(
Post #151856395 added 12-04-2021 9:23 AM by krutledge25 in Deal Talk
Thanks so much for that information. Reading through these threads literally feels like reading another language so that at least gives me an idea of what to look for. It’s super appreciated.
Post #151856302 added 12-04-2021 9:20 AM by bigmace in Deal Talk
No. While technically it will work, the experience will be terrible. You need something with a dedicated graphics card. Unfortunately in with the state of things it will be very expensive. But you...
Post #151853950 added 12-04-2021 8:03 AM by krutledge25 in Deal Talk
Does anyone know if an Oculus Quest 2 VR will work with this? My son wants a pc that he can use with his Oculus and I have zero idea which ones are compatible.
Post #151821058 added 12-03-2021 8:19 AM by GooG6695 in Deal Talk
Let the sheep keep thinking they need to spend $140 on windows. I've given up on trying to help people who've never even attempted PC building. Let them pay for convenience.
Post #151820890 added 12-03-2021 8:14 AM by GooG6695 in Deal Talk
Wrong. You actually can mix ram without issues, the speeds will down clock to whichever stick is lower speed. This has 3200 MHz ram and it's convenient that it comes as one 16gb stick for easy...
Post #151806286 added 12-02-2021 5:37 PM by SeattleZ in Deal Talk
I just built one of these with a 5600G CPU on my YouTube channel which can take a GPU, has RGB and is much better for under $500. You can match this 5700G for about the same price and get a Windows...
Post #151765834 added 12-01-2021 2:39 PM by TenseFriction989 in Deal Talk
Because the ram it came with is garbage and nobody wants to mix and match rams. You are better off buying 2 8gb rams at 3200 than trying to mix and match a good ram with a terrible ram. I looked up...
Post #151753900 added 12-01-2021 9:43 AM by bigmace in Deal Talk
It comes with a heatsink thats better than the HP one and you can buy a legit Windows 10 Pro key for < $20. Nice try though. :lmao: ...
Post #151753381 added 12-01-2021 9:30 AM by lhotdeals in Deal Talk
Missing OS ~$50 and a heatsink ~$25
Post #151751110 added 12-01-2021 8:34 AM by PeachyRaptor999 in Deal Talk
Why wouldn't you add another 16 gb for dual channel? Should cost you around the same and give you double the memory
Post #151744690 added 12-01-2021 5:09 AM by bigmace in Deal Talk
I think you should re read what I wrote. I was not talking about the computer for sale at staples but if you wanted to build your own.
Post #151744069 added 12-01-2021 4:29 AM by dealslicker11 in Deal Talk
This is actually a decent price.
Post #151743274 added 12-01-2021 3:39 AM by ANHallTNU in Deal Talk
Solid deal, building takes time, parts aren’t always available. Convenience of not needing to shop different sites for parts makes this a good deal for someone needing a desktop for internet surfing...
Post #151742824 added 12-01-2021 2:33 AM by TenseFriction989 in Deal Talk
Just to tell you I don't know if it was just me but mine ( from staples) came with a basic mouse and keyboard, nothing fancy. This also has bluetooth and is wi-fi capable.
Post #151742779 added 12-01-2021 2:28 AM by TenseFriction989 in Deal Talk
This, I bought this as a spare productivity/ gaming pc. This runs the newest game even at 1080p albeit 30fps, But beggars can't be choosers, Also I haven't compared this but I'm pretty sure this runs...
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