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Post #155989120 added 07-01-2022 4:18 PM by hhjj134 in Deal Talk
Beware that the men and women bag are quite different in term of thickness. I bought the 20 bag for men and women. The women bag is much thicker and rated at 18f comfort and 5f limit vs the men is...
Post #155949124 added 06-29-2022 2:06 PM by AmusedPassenger785 in Deal Talk
Less space = better heat retention
Post #155938636 added 06-28-2022 11:55 PM by claydeaux in Deal Talk
Who can (or wants to) sleep with their feet basically tied together? Immoveable? I don't understand this design, or why it is popular?
Post #155924503 added 06-28-2022 9:35 AM by Ethank83 in Deal Talk
Received man 30f today, it seems to narrow but long enough for tall around 6’5”. It is not bad but as other said zip is small and easy to break. Teton seems better option…
Post #155916151 added 06-27-2022 8:44 PM by ExtremeSquared in Deal Talk
0F to 20F is serious enough I wouldn't get REI brand. REI is not what it was 10 years ago. They have been transitioning from a serious outdoor brand to more of an "outdoor lifestyle" store, and...
Post #155914996 added 06-27-2022 7:29 PM by IhorM in Deal Talk
Look for an entry level down sleeping bags like Kelty Cosmic Down 0F. It should be a decent compromise between synthetic and 800FP bag. Your pad is equally as important. My personal preference is...
Post #155914165 added 06-27-2022 6:36 PM by CleverRock330 in Deal Talk
Way to say you’re never sharing sleeping bags without saying it. 😝
Post #155913922 added 06-27-2022 6:24 PM by JohnnyHot in Deal Talk
Pay attention to the NOT FOR BACKPACKING comment. True as hell. This thing weighs a ton and is good for car to site. Not car, pack, hike ten and camp. Bulky as hell too. Dunno how they can say...
Post #155905834 added 06-27-2022 11:09 AM by TheXung in Deal Talk
I don't think you should be shopping for 20 degree bags when you are expecting 0-20 degrees. You're not going to sleep if you're 10 or 20 degrees cold. You should be shopping for a 0 degree bag. ...
Post #155905414 added 06-27-2022 10:48 AM by uping1 in Deal Talk
Regardless of buying or renting a bag, I strongly recommend a sleeping bag liner that adds warmth and can easily be washed while keeping the sleeping bag cleaner. Here's one I enjoy for extra warmth...
Post #155902447 added 06-27-2022 8:06 AM by TurtlePerson2 in Deal Talk
Someone else mentioned it, but I want to second it. Rent. If you actually expect to be camping in 0 to 20 degree weather, then the equipment that you need is quite expensive and you might be...
Post #155901667 added 06-27-2022 7:27 AM by US_Ranger in Deal Talk
0-20 for Rainier? I'm not the biggest expert on the planet with climbing but I've done enough to know that you definitely want a 0 degree bag, maybe 10 degree max for a trip like that. I froze my ass...
Post #155900197 added 06-27-2022 5:43 AM by oxygencube in Deal Talk
Anybody have experience with these? They would be mostly used for car camping and short hike overnights.
Post #155899990 added 06-27-2022 5:25 AM by arooni in Deal Talk
Picked up a 30* magma quilt. Reviews say more like a 40*F but Ive been wanting to try a quilt with hammocking and it's almost a pound lighter than my marmot helium 15*F bag. Love that I have a year...
Post #155886052 added 06-26-2022 5:56 AM by JeffreyY5734 in Deal Talk
Men's bags have the zipper on the left and women's have it on the right, this allows the bags to be zipped together if desired.
Post #155885794 added 06-26-2022 5:20 AM by Wickedcarny in Deal Talk
One has booby cutouts. But guess which one.
Post #155884456 added 06-25-2022 11:15 PM by hizzledizzle in Deal Talk
I'd be surprised to find any quality 800 fill bag for $150, but you should just watch REI outlet. Twice a year (black Friday and end of May for their anniversary sale) they do a 20% off coupon on...
Post #155884021 added 06-25-2022 10:09 PM by sleuthor in Deal Talk
Magma 30 quilt is 50% off. Last year REI had the magma 30 bag for 50% off. Just need to pay attention.
Post #155883382 added 06-25-2022 9:00 PM by FairNest1755 in Deal Talk
Wish I could find a good deal on a 800 fill down 30 degree sleeping bag. I understand it will be $150+ but I haven't seen a good deal in a long time.
Post #155881147 added 06-25-2022 5:47 PM by theliontamer72 in Deal Talk
Agree with this and would also recommend looking into Pariah Outdoor Products for quality and low prices. I own their 0-degree down bag which I purchased to replace a Marmot Never Summer, and it has...
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