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Post #158090026 added 10-09-2022 9:50 AM by jerrock in Deal Talk
They pay the author for digital license to the book and then lend that license out, similarly to buying the books and renting them. It would be less than purchasing it outright yourself though.
Post #158086945 added 10-09-2022 6:01 AM by clsA in Deal Talk
I went with TROY by Stephen Fry and the Kevin Hart book I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons I also highly recommend the Michael Crichton books if you don't already have them
Post #158057419 added 10-07-2022 1:49 PM by Loudog504 in Deal Talk
Yeah, i checked out at the end of oathbringer with 5 hours left. I'll probably circle back to it when book 5 comes out. He had to much story telling with head voice and flash backs that threw me off...
Post #158057137 added 10-07-2022 1:37 PM by Dragonsnack in Deal Talk
Stormlight is quite good, but it definitely has peaks and valleys. I'm on the back half of listening to book 4 and I have to wait until 2024 for book 5 :(
Post #158054593 added 10-07-2022 11:58 AM by Loudog504 in Deal Talk
His wheel of time books to finish out the series for Robert Jordan were probably the best I've listened to in a long time. I just finished his mistborn series that was really good but I tried his...
Post #158054392 added 10-07-2022 11:50 AM by Loudog504 in Deal Talk
I know its not much but at least with an audible credit you support the author and their content a little bit lol. I really don't know how those library deals work but its probably some kind of...
Post #158054065 added 10-07-2022 11:40 AM by WilliamW7671 in Deal Talk
Not to knock what you're doing (I don't care), but let's be honest that your tax money has not paid for you to keep the books, only to listen to them. Overdrive will be shutting down their MP3...
Post #158051659 added 10-07-2022 10:05 AM by TrevorK in Deal Talk
Frak'n Amazon! Can't let me sort by author! :mad:
Post #158051371 added 10-07-2022 9:54 AM by theGr81 in Deal Talk
never read Sanderson but heard such great things so picked up both Steelheart and Starlight... thanx OP!
Post #158050120 added 10-07-2022 9:11 AM by 25MVPKing in Deal Talk
Another vote for Off To Be The Wizard by Scott Meyer. I've only read the first one, but very light and enjoyable.
Post #158049247 added 10-07-2022 8:34 AM by ricepride in Deal Talk
The Off to be a Wizard series was surprisingly good.
Post #158049172 added 10-07-2022 8:31 AM by PacoChed in Deal Talk
Not sure about the sample but the narrator for this series is one of the best I've ever listened to.
Post #158048413 added 10-07-2022 7:57 AM by justjeepin in Deal Talk
Just started this series a few days ago after snagging them all during the end of summer sale. Coming from a lot of Sanderson, the writing itself isn't on that level, but damn if I'm not hooked so...
Post #158047828 added 10-07-2022 7:28 AM by Simplexic in Deal Talk
I see a few books from the Cradle series. Get them, start from the beginning. Forget why you bought all 11 books, cry when you catch up and are waiting for book 12.
Post #158047177 added 10-07-2022 6:52 AM by Loudog504 in Deal Talk
Going to give the series a try... but why does the sample recording sound like it was done in a tin can lol.
Post #158046730 added 10-07-2022 6:17 AM by DraconianMeasures in Deal Talk
Crazy that you posted this, was just talking to wife who will cancel hers and she's like I got one more credit and I asked her to get complete Sherlock Holmes, then I was like, but a Brandon...
Post #158046706 added 10-07-2022 6:16 AM by tomcat008 in Deal Talk
Hi. Everyone who wants can get audiobooks from library and keep them forever: after saving files in your computer remove fire file. Return audiobook and get another. Simple and your tax money has...
Post #158046652 added 10-07-2022 6:10 AM by bboisvert in Deal Talk
The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family By: Ron Howard and Clint Howard is part of this sale. First time it's been offered up at a discount like this since it came out a year ago. I'm in!
Post #158046007 added 10-07-2022 5:01 AM by sarcasdic in Deal Talk
Still house Lake series by Rachel Caine is great!
Post #158044174 added 10-07-2022 12:00 AM by PacoChed in Deal Talk
Off To Be The Wizard, the first of the Magic 2.0 series was fun. Plenty of laugh out loud moments. I've listened to the first four of the series so far. Number 4 wasn't my favorite but I really...
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