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Post #162234013 added 03-10-2023 4:11 PM by Carlosono in Hot Deals
didn't find the information about internal battery. seems the manufacturer tried to hide something
Post #161401486 added 02-01-2023 10:04 AM by The-Mentalist in Hot Deals
Most likely a landfill, and still expensive for this. What I have gathered you need to aim the ones with at least 1100amp. This one is 700amp and still bulky. Nowadays, there are even 2000+ Amp ones...
Post #161397337 added 02-01-2023 7:45 AM by thedowg2 in Hot Deals
Pay no attention to this comment. This poster does not possess a basic understanding of voltage, amperage, and the meaning of the words he's using.
Post #161393260 added 02-01-2023 3:26 AM by tolgabalci in Hot Deals
I'd be all over this if it was, besides sending 700A to the 12v port, did 700A @ 12V for PD Power delivery. But 700A to the 12V port, and only a measly 3.1A for USB charging? meh
Post #161387764 added 01-31-2023 6:41 PM by CyanRaccoon8822 in Hot Deals
No, but it easily comes on if it just barely brushes up against something. I'd say 5 times I went to the car etc and put some groceries in the back and the light was on(so no telling how long) ...
Post #161385709 added 01-31-2023 5:03 PM by shadowx360 in Hot Deals
Noco units are like 1/3 the size but Project Farm has shown them to easily jump start diesels and even farm tractors. Units half the size were able to jump start an RV immediately after being taken...
Post #161382565 added 01-31-2023 2:25 PM by ytvutb in Hot Deals
Crap. Will die
Post #161379187 added 01-31-2023 11:48 AM by denzeler27 in Hot Deals
For those complaining, look at the size of this unit...It only works on small cars/batteries obviously, or vehicles with slightly bad batteries (under 12v but over 11v). Trust me, I have tried it on...
Post #161378797 added 01-31-2023 11:32 AM by reallymoney in Hot Deals
I have jump started at least twice with it keep in mind its not always the jump starters fault batteries dont last forever and one time i couldnt jump start and realized i was doing it wrong until i...
Post #161378482 added 01-31-2023 11:18 AM by ElatedField148 in Hot Deals
Just a word of warning not to expect it to actually work when you need it. At least two other people besides myself just here in these comments that have had units from them that have utterly failed...
Post #161378407 added 01-31-2023 11:15 AM by ElatedField148 in Hot Deals
Avoid the entire EverStart line. 0 for 2 on these things actually reliably doing what they're supposed to be designed to do. Buy one of the ones that Costco or Sams Club is offering or spend a...
Post #161378317 added 01-31-2023 11:12 AM by ElatedField148 in Hot Deals
Don't waste your money on one of these things because it WILL be a waste of your money. I've purchased two different models of their units over the last 4-5 years with the most recent just being in...
Post #161376733 added 01-31-2023 10:06 AM by kingsfan626 in Hot Deals
Can someone tell me if there's any difference between this and those Amazon car jumpers that are like half the size and I'm assuming more battery? ...
Post #161371102 added 01-31-2023 6:18 AM by kevin0509 in Hot Deals
It might be a better alternative to buy this product for an additional $5. ...
Post #161370949 added 01-31-2023 6:10 AM by ArthurT4614 in Hot Deals
Thanks. Bought one for my Tesla in case I ever run out of battery.
Post #161367481 added 01-30-2023 10:13 PM by nortotron in Hot Deals
Pay a little more and buy a stanley. Had 2 of everstarts fail in 6 months, then bought stanley. Working well for 4 years now.
Post #161362663 added 01-30-2023 4:59 PM by vrbtchcar in Hot Deals
Very YMMV. None within 250 miles and no delivery. In store only
Post #161356567 added 01-30-2023 11:50 AM by reallymoney in Hot Deals
I have the model with compressor to inflate tires and love it read instructions and charge monthly it cost me near $100 but worth it i dont like depending on a jump from someone else and can possibly...
Post #161331466 added 01-29-2023 7:19 AM by kevinmcb in Hot Deals
It looked like it would. I returned it , it would not start car
Post #161330770 added 01-29-2023 6:29 AM by Shalanthria in Hot Deals
May want to add YMMV. Not available near me and not available for shipping
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