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Post #161712781 added 02-14-2023 10:53 PM by PesoLittle in Hot Deals
Post #161633332 added 02-10-2023 5:30 PM by raju.gupta in Hot Deals
Go to Kmart or JCpenny, macys anytime these are always like 90% off.
Post #161609239 added 02-09-2023 3:19 PM by CalmDesk223 in Hot Deals
I got it during Christmas and I thought it was kinda cute and worth the price Geez people you can get away with giving it as a gift just for the fact of saying it is real diamonds and has the sticker...
Post #161592175 added 02-08-2023 9:31 PM by HalfmanonDadsside in Hot Deals
was just on Amazon and they have those hand casting sets on sale for about the same price. The ones where you make a plaster cast out of your hands as a couple. That's a great/thoughtful Valentine's...
Post #161591992 added 02-08-2023 9:15 PM by TRUMP_XD in Hot Deals
No GIA certification? Hard pass
Post #161590849 added 02-08-2023 8:04 PM by SirJohnDoe in Hot Deals
Buy it for your wife then you get to keep half in the divorce… Easy money. :)
Post #161588179 added 02-08-2023 5:36 PM by FeistyActivity8290 in Hot Deals
Buy it for your EX!!
Post #161586031 added 02-08-2023 3:45 PM by Smoke1234 in Hot Deals
Dammit was hoping this might be good...any gift ideas? Wish SD had a Valentines section
Post #161585812 added 02-08-2023 3:37 PM by oychbb in Hot Deals
LOL no way this is worth $200.
Post #161584324 added 02-08-2023 2:30 PM by SeriousIdea249 in Hot Deals
Yikes. That is hideous.
Post #161582644 added 02-08-2023 1:16 PM by arexk in Hot Deals
I3 means these will be the ugliest stones you could get. This is worthless junk
Post #161582050 added 02-08-2023 12:45 PM by dp77777 in Hot Deals
Tiny amount of silver, my guess between 1/4-1/2 an ounce. About $5 once sterling is broken down into pure. Pave diamonds? Practically worthless. You can’t resell them (no buyers). Unless you make...
Post #161581894 added 02-08-2023 12:39 PM by xphyle in Hot Deals
My kid could give it to his girlfriend ..they are like 16. ..perfect for that. All Macy's jewelry is marked up a thousand fold thoug
Post #161579719 added 02-08-2023 11:09 AM by Inuzukakiba2 in Hot Deals
Wow, I’m at a loss for words. Do not give that as a gift. Edit: I agree with CoolCalculator that this is probably okay for a daughter, but only up to maybe early middle school. Anyone older is...
Post #161579488 added 02-08-2023 11:00 AM by jaredalanmitchell in Hot Deals
He didn't say you liked cheap jewelry or diamond chips (though that sounds tasty), just hideous.
Post #161579386 added 02-08-2023 10:57 AM by CoolCalculator7381 in Hot Deals
It’s nice to give to your daughter on Valentine’s Day. If they lose it, no biggie.
Post #161579242 added 02-08-2023 10:52 AM by bhanson in Hot Deals
I bit, this thing sucks. I'm not sure if giving it will do more harm than good...
Post #161576950 added 02-08-2023 9:25 AM by lavendermermaid in Hot Deals
i have a lll sign in my home and have never dabbled in cheap jewelry nor diamond chips
Post #161576179 added 02-08-2023 8:57 AM by ruckainc in Hot Deals
True. I bought this for my wife and she was upset because her boyfriend got her a nicer bracelet. She knows I save my money for funko pops and soylent so she gets upset when I skimp out on her. Her...
Post #161575954 added 02-08-2023 8:47 AM by teqeeler in Hot Deals
Also it’s hideous. Great for someone who has Love, Live, Laugh, in huge letters on a living room wall.
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