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Post #162259192 added 03-11-2023 11:52 PM by Pdp138 in Deal Talk
This deal is still on
Post #161628424 added 02-10-2023 1:03 PM by Thatguy622 in Deal Talk
You literally replied to my reply. It was right in front of your face​
Post #161625541 added 02-10-2023 10:42 AM by somedude922 in Deal Talk
Placed my order. Thanks OP.
Post #161624197 added 02-10-2023 9:50 AM by XealO in Deal Talk
That’s cool and all, but you didn’t state that in your OP so I assumed otherwise.
Post #161624113 added 02-10-2023 9:47 AM by XealO in Deal Talk
Just got these yesterday. Batteries are good to go. Only thing to be aware of is they ship them in a USPS Priority Mail bubble mailer. It was full of holes and so was the plastic clamshell that the...
Post #161623531 added 02-10-2023 9:22 AM by brace1 in Deal Talk
Just received mine yesterday (new in package as advertised), charged them up and ready to roll. Great deal, and vendor shipped very promptly.
Post #161623471 added 02-10-2023 9:20 AM by NikonShr in Deal Talk
K1ller deal! Nothing but milwaukee for me!
Post #161622553 added 02-10-2023 8:42 AM by CharlesG23 in Deal Talk
Thanks OP. I’ve been wanting more m18 batteries but didn’t need anymore m18 tools so this works out good and I don’t have to concern myself with reselling a tool I don’t need
Post #161607841 added 02-09-2023 2:14 PM by jeff34270 in Deal Talk
$5 off using promo code: 5PROMOCODE
Post #161605882 added 02-09-2023 12:57 PM by cdavis74 in Deal Talk
Deal is active again.
Post #161598322 added 02-09-2023 7:40 AM by drekalicious in Deal Talk
This deal is still alive, can this thread be unexpired?
Post #161576815 added 02-08-2023 9:19 AM by steveindajeep in Deal Talk
in for the Bat-trees $106. with extra code. thanks all
Post #161567965 added 02-07-2023 9:10 PM by Michael-06 in Deal Talk
I didn't see the code until after I ordered. But yes, this deal is alive. I too just ordered a pair. Dorn, missed out on the $5!
Post #161524594 added 02-06-2023 7:39 AM by Lefty421 in Deal Talk
Just keep in mind that these 5.0 batteries are not the newer high output batteries. So these would not be ideal for certain (high drain) tools, like some of the bigger Fuel saws and some of the...
Post #161522017 added 02-06-2023 5:38 AM by VioletClover9972 in Deal Talk
These tool places are usually some if best to get Milwaukee stuff. I got m18 fuel hammer drill and impact gun combo with two 5 ah batteries for $280 last week from a local company that caters to...
Post #161518981 added 02-06-2023 5:00 AM by ToolmanBob in Deal Talk
The deal you want will depend on tools needed, but the new m18 gen drill/driver kit can be "hacked" to $253 right. Drill/driver combo, two 5 ah batteries, charger, and case....
Post #161518729 added 02-06-2023 4:31 AM by Thatguy622 in Deal Talk
Its probably because of cheap manufacturing cost. They already spent the money on R&D and its cheap to manufacture so they can throw it in kits to keep the cost down. That way they can advertise...
Post #161518474 added 02-06-2023 4:05 AM by Min13 in Deal Talk
Thanks. It was a stupid question.
Post #161518357 added 02-06-2023 3:47 AM by SplendidReward129 in Deal Talk
All 5.0ah M18 batteries are extended capacity (XC)
Post #161518120 added 02-06-2023 2:56 AM by Min13 in Deal Talk
What exactly does the extended mean ? Are these different than all the other 5AH batteries that I've been buying with the sets?
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