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Post #163281449 added 05-03-2023 8:12 AM by GeekNextDoor in Deal Talk
I've also sorta screwed up on that as well by waiting too long to book my tickets. Also, because of their generous return policy, I've booked a single separate ticket that I can basically reserve the...
Post #163279937 added 05-03-2023 6:49 AM by Chang82 in Deal Talk
I learned this the hard way as well. But I also learned that you can book the flight now and as long as ANY seat is available, you can add your companion later. So even if you don't have the...
Post #163116548 added 04-24-2023 12:09 PM by GeekNextDoor in Deal Talk
Just realized that annual fee for the credit card does not count towards the $4k spending requirement... which was a big mistake on my part to not even check.
Post #163000061 added 04-18-2023 11:35 AM by SamR6652 in Deal Talk
Is anyone aware of a method to obtain this offer today? (I understand it’s technically expired..)
Post #162968585 added 04-17-2023 3:16 AM by younodadeal in Deal Talk
My Companion Pass was available right after the Statement Date passed (when I had met the minimum spending): Log into your SWA account. Click on "My Account" at top of page. See Companion Pass...
Post #162948020 added 04-15-2023 4:19 PM by anantak2k in Deal Talk
Oh that's a long time... dang!
Post #162927671 added 04-14-2023 11:39 AM by GeekNextDoor in Deal Talk
I just called them to ask if I can get the promo expedited. They said that they cannot and that it would be about 6-8 weeks until it posts to the account. I only talked to an account rep and didn't...
Post #162876017 added 04-11-2023 6:45 PM by anantak2k in Deal Talk
I still haven't gotten anything. I guess you have to wait until the end of the statement period at the very least.
Post #162789731 added 04-07-2023 12:45 PM by DyckSleals in Deal Talk
Nothing here yet. Is there a # we can call to check on the status? Does anyone know if you contact Southwest or Citi? Thanks.
Post #162769792 added 04-06-2023 12:39 PM by domwin in Deal Talk
Anyone received their pass in their sw account yet?
Post #162421090 added 03-20-2023 10:51 AM by GeekNextDoor in Deal Talk
Did this happen to be around the statement date? Spent $4k before statement date and received Companion pass after statement date?
Post #162401761 added 03-19-2023 9:47 AM by kfpanda in Deal Talk
Today is the last day for this promotion.
Post #162352735 added 03-16-2023 3:31 PM by jamespotato5 in Deal Talk
I called and moved my closing date to the beginning of the month, can't move up any earlier. They will tell you that you probably won't get the points when the statement closes, but I have gotten it...
Post #162352693 added 03-16-2023 3:30 PM by jamespotato5 in Deal Talk
This promo (Companion pass and 30k points) is still valid (until 3/19/23) if you go through someone's link. PM me if you need a link. I believe you can only get the bonus once every 24 months...
Post #162351628 added 03-16-2023 2:40 PM by Chang82 in Deal Talk
Looks like some new promotions posted. Can someone check my logic: Plus Card (50,000 Points | $1,000 Spend | $69 Annual Fee) Premier Card (50,000 Points | $1,000 Spend | $99 Annual Fee)...
Post #162336799 added 03-15-2023 8:54 PM by kfpanda in Deal Talk
How soon are people getting the companion pass after meeting the 4k spending. Did it occur after the statement closed or before the statement closed?
Post #162336769 added 03-15-2023 8:52 PM by kfpanda in Deal Talk
I just clicked on my referral link and it's showing that the promotion is available (until 3/19).
Post #162334519 added 03-15-2023 6:33 PM by AnchoredSoul in Deal Talk
I saw this as well, however I sent a referral to a friend and it seems that the offer isn't available anymore. Anyone with a success story? EDIT: Never mind, it worked after we tried again the...
Post #162325384 added 03-15-2023 10:26 AM by TofuVic in Deal Talk
You can try calling Chase to ask, but I've inquired about this two different times and was told it isn't possible. Most online forums also state it isn't possible. Sorry for the bad news, Tofu Vic
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