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Post #170886735 added 05-16-2024 9:52 AM by fw10001 in Deal Talk
If you were thinking of buying a 4-pack of Apple Airtags, they are currently $79 and sold by Amazon, so will qualify for the $10 off 75.
Post #170851785 added 05-14-2024 10:17 AM by elite2048 in Deal Talk
Got 10 off 75. Thanks for the heads up!
Post #170817120 added 05-12-2024 2:40 AM by Gb1908 in Deal Talk
... might be good to set some "GO TO" lists of stuff to buy.. and cobble together $35 worth.. for example, Gatorade powder mix 75oz 30% cheaper than rip off Walmart..
Post #170816652 added 05-11-2024 11:50 PM by ishyjo in Deal Talk
Not getting any 30 or 40% off, just 10 off 75.
Post #170806425 added 05-11-2024 7:41 AM by elguapo75 in Deal Talk
The link offered me $10 off of $75, but I did get to use the 30% offer last month
Post #170734821 added 05-07-2024 9:39 AM by CoMMuNisT626 in Deal Talk
Cancelled Prime about 4-6 months ago, checked and got 40% off up to $30 offer and Amazon offered 1-month Prime trail free. Thanks OP! Repped and much appreciated! Breakout below for reference. ...
Post #170694822 added 05-04-2024 6:29 PM by Jersy19 in Deal Talk
Just paid my bill, waiting to get any cash back so I can use it lol
Post #170686983 added 05-04-2024 7:48 AM by ms123 in Deal Talk
Get $10 off your eligible purchase¹ when paying with Discover® rewards. Minimum spend $75. better than getting ZERO.
Post #170659470 added 05-02-2024 3:48 PM by in Deal Talk
Only got $10 off $75 purchase 😞
Post #170634690 added 05-01-2024 12:30 PM by NunyaBidniz in Deal Talk
Thanks OP! Just pulled the trigger on a Herculiner bed-coating kit I've been waiting for to go on sale so I got it for a net cost at pre-Obamanation pricing! Sweeeeet! "Price Throwback" in yo' face,...
Post #170592468 added 04-29-2024 8:34 AM by MrAlterno in Deal Talk
Get $10 off your eligible purchase¹ when paying with Discover® rewards. Minimum spend $75 for me 13% OFF for me.
Post #170581530 added 04-28-2024 12:54 PM by Pbear in Deal Talk
10 off 75 for me.
Post #170555835 added 04-26-2024 2:18 PM by WestTXAg in Deal Talk
$10 off $75! It’s been a long time.
Post #170549928 added 04-26-2024 8:41 AM by tangogolf in Deal Talk
I haven’t used Discover promo on Amazon for a while. They offer $10 off $75 this time
Post #170549427 added 04-26-2024 8:12 AM by satnav4 in Deal Talk
Keep in mind Discover has removed a number of benefits. It no longer extends warranties or provides purchase protection. I don't believe it provides rental card damage waiver either. If I purchase...
Post #170522310 added 04-24-2024 5:23 PM by Lark in Deal Talk
Lame it's $10 off 75
Post #170507265 added 04-24-2024 4:05 AM by msdontplay01 in Deal Talk
$10 off $75 here.
Post #170423157 added 04-19-2024 5:16 AM by zettler in Deal Talk
Looks like I got it... "Get $10 off your eligible purchase¹ when paying with Discover® rewards. Minimum spend $75."
Post #170421765 added 04-19-2024 12:08 AM by SirVeyer in Deal Talk
10 off 75
Post #170395047 added 04-17-2024 1:03 PM by dantawangzi in Deal Talk
10 off 75, bought a 75 chewy gift card
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