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Post #165874000 added 09-17-2023 8:04 PM by mulox in Hot Deals
I got $10 off any purchase of $50 or more, thanks so much OP! Offer ends 9/28 or when the total payout cap is reached, so I would move quickly
Post #165857329 added 09-16-2023 4:47 PM by RelaxedStag572 in Hot Deals
Got 40 percent max 30 dollars
Post #165854347 added 09-16-2023 12:55 PM by sunkiz in Hot Deals
They are only offering $10 off $50. That’s 20%. Still better than nothing.
Post #165756163 added 09-11-2023 1:17 AM by Nine_Juan_Juan in Hot Deals
Anyone wanna tell me how you find out if you’re eligible or not?? I’d appreciate it! NM, I figured it out. Thanks
Post #165745411 added 09-10-2023 8:45 AM by SplendidGorilla520 in Hot Deals
Just worked for me, today Sept 10 2023
Post #165702208 added 09-07-2023 3:00 PM by MrAlterno in Hot Deals
for me 20% off Get $10 off your eligible purchase¹ when paying with Discover® rewards. Minimum spend $50.
Post #165640576 added 09-04-2023 11:41 AM by deluxman in Hot Deals
Does this deal work per each discover card?
Post #165632278 added 09-03-2023 11:09 PM by rudyae86 in Hot Deals
Deal isn't as great as before. Even though it's 30% there's a lower discount cap. I remember when we would get 20% to 30% discount but cap was between $50 to $150.
Post #165560074 added 08-31-2023 2:11 AM by jennifers2634 in Hot Deals
Thanks. I got 40% off, max discount $30
Post #165545815 added 08-30-2023 8:54 AM by LC2 in Hot Deals
1) realllly old post response isn't necessary. :lol: 2) whoop tee do. glad you can afford to not buy on credit. dont care.
Post #165528857 added 08-29-2023 9:24 AM by xcesshp in Hot Deals
$10 off purchase of $50 on personal Prime account but promo not eligible on my Business Prime account
Post #165527918 added 08-29-2023 8:36 AM by TidalWaveOne in Hot Deals
Same... everyone who buys a decent amount on stuff on Amazon should have Prime and a 5% back card on Amazon purchases... with no limit unlike Discover.
Post #165521870 added 08-28-2023 8:39 PM by leecm in Hot Deals
Don't disagree there. It's a good card to have on standby for instances where it'll provide 5%, but it's a rarely used card for me - especially since I have an Amazon Visa which renders the Discover...
Post #165520850 added 08-28-2023 7:27 PM by scorcora4 in Hot Deals
I’ve never paid a credit card company $.01 in interest. Just pay it off and don’t spend what you can’t afford
Post #165520817 added 08-28-2023 7:25 PM by scorcora4 in Hot Deals
I keep it in rotation especially for the 5% Amazon quarter and the 5% digital wallets quarter which i can use on anything. having several cards with varying rewards programs is the smart play imo
Post #165520778 added 08-28-2023 7:23 PM by scorcora4 in Hot Deals
5% cash back rotating categories quarterly is great. I’ve got plenty of better everyday cards but who doesn’t love free money? I use mine all the time for the 5% as it beats most other cards out
Post #165505346 added 08-27-2023 9:38 PM by OlivePenguin524 in Hot Deals
I have Discover CB and I can apply the cash to Amazon purchases, but I just used all my "points" last week. I think if you have no points, it's not available, but could be wrong.
Post #165453746 added 08-24-2023 3:31 PM by Diamonique in Hot Deals
It should be. You can go through the checkout process without putting the order through to see if it takes the right amount off. Just remember to choose it as payment and to just apply $0.01 in...
Post #165446369 added 08-24-2023 9:03 AM by jctim in Hot Deals
The confusing part is finding what items qualify. Is it anything sold by Amazon?
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