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Post #162466003 added 03-22-2023 12:58 PM by KatjaZ in Hot Deals
$7.99 in store. I was just there a few hours ago.
Post #162448930 added 03-21-2023 4:17 PM by CalmBreakfast857 in Hot Deals
Wow. Now I can retire.
Post #162430969 added 03-20-2023 6:53 PM by bjones142 in Hot Deals
It's same price at Costco in store. Just picked it up.
Post #162425536 added 03-20-2023 1:56 PM by tanders12 in Hot Deals
This stuff will change your life. I happily pay full price on the regular.
Post #162417391 added 03-20-2023 7:48 AM by FancyGalley252 in Hot Deals
This is the price we've always paid for it at Sam's.
Post #162413518 added 03-20-2023 1:09 AM by runtotop in Hot Deals
I suspect that the kitchen scale is broken. I've tried twice but still can't use it properly. I'm planning to buy a few more bottles and a new kitchen scale.
Post #162407347 added 03-19-2023 4:01 PM by namlook in Hot Deals
But it's $2.57 for people that have prime and an Amazon credit card.
Post #162407173 added 03-19-2023 3:51 PM by LunchForDinner in Hot Deals
I started using this to wash and degrease my motorcycles. This stuff works just as well as the "motorcycle specific" cleaners like S100 and others and is 1/4 the price. Never going back!
Post #162405313 added 03-19-2023 1:35 PM by bud914 in Hot Deals
not a SC member and get 5% back from amazon...but that's also the reason i said another option for some
Post #162403441 added 03-19-2023 11:31 AM by Las29526 in Hot Deals
yes, it seriously works great! I try to buy items with the least chemicals possible but I make an exception here. A couple sprays, wait a few minutes and BAM! pans and more are so easy to clean.
Post #162401686 added 03-19-2023 9:44 AM by DerDeutsche in Hot Deals
not everyone is a SC member
Post #162399361 added 03-19-2023 7:17 AM by eeagle in Hot Deals
I'm seeing $9.59
Post #162399073 added 03-19-2023 6:53 AM by nilkilla in Hot Deals
You paid more per bottle and have Amazon ready to take your money if you forget $10.85/4 = $2.7125 $7.98/3 = $2.66
Post #162398704 added 03-19-2023 6:25 AM by jenesaisquoi in Hot Deals
Another homemade formula: 1 tsp citric acid, 1 tsp baking soda, 2 oz Dawn Platinum, 14 oz water. Mix together in a separate container. The baking soda will foam at first, but then it calms to...
Post #162397573 added 03-19-2023 4:03 AM by trikster2 in Hot Deals
I absolutely love this stuff. So great when cleaning a pot or pan to be able to spray the detergent right where it's needed in full concentration to help with scrubbing tough stuff. But when I...
Post #162394327 added 03-18-2023 7:19 PM by athenacoco in Hot Deals
Thank you!
Post #162394243 added 03-18-2023 7:13 PM by Bunduckie in Hot Deals
Same price at Costco
Post #162393724 added 03-18-2023 6:31 PM by illmatic in Hot Deals
The spray nozzle is specifically made to create a foam with the foaming agent they use in the formula. The homemade formula doesn't foam as much, but using it with the sprayer creates more foam than...
Post #162393439 added 03-18-2023 6:09 PM by athenacoco in Hot Deals
I have this refills but not the original spray bottles. Can I just pour this liquid into any spray bottle to use? Thank you!
Post #162391333 added 03-18-2023 3:31 PM by pyroskater85 in Hot Deals
I find my homemade version doesn't work when I get close to the bottom of the bottle. I have to add more soap and water. I do mix it when I make it and it works well. But at 1/4 left its like it's...
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