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Post #162558694 added 03-27-2023 11:16 AM by LavenCee in Hot Deals
Does anyone know how to turn this into a plug in ac outlet instead of wiring?
Post #162528301 added 03-25-2023 1:49 PM by Jay2184 in Hot Deals
Confirmed no RTSP function for now. I called support and tier 1-2 couldn't find any documentation for RTSP. They're hoping the special tier support can answer this from Australia. Its a bummer but I...
Post #162512647 added 03-24-2023 4:08 PM by Jay2184 in Hot Deals
How did you set it up? I just got it today and installed this unit but can't find it on my wifi
Post #162473749 added 03-22-2023 8:23 PM by Hambone191817151 in Hot Deals
Looks like utes and fallopes brand by the picture… in for 2
Post #162457534 added 03-22-2023 5:48 AM by Gadgetfrk in Hot Deals
Their 1080p version supports rtsp, i think this one too.
Post #162457519 added 03-22-2023 5:48 AM by Gadgetfrk in Hot Deals
I have 1080p version of the same product from Swann that was working fine with blueiris, hope this should also do.
Post #162452851 added 03-21-2023 7:52 PM by Jay2184 in Hot Deals
Need RTSP...wonder if I should just pull the trigger and then return if it doesn't have it.
Post #162435733 added 03-21-2023 2:33 AM by dagadu in Hot Deals
It has siren, but does it have scheduled active siren alert like ring pro fl?
Post #162432601 added 03-20-2023 8:25 PM by bp96 in Hot Deals
Pretty sure that's Roberto the mentally unstable robot who enjoys stabbing people and objects, as well as robbing banks from Futurama
Post #162422476 added 03-20-2023 11:51 AM by Meribela_S in Hot Deals
local meant on sdcard. it mentioned 32gb but that's low for 4k recording. No mention whether you can tie it to your PC for longer and better recordings
Post #162404842 added 03-19-2023 1:00 PM by RyanMPLS in Hot Deals
Might be an estimate based on X number of 30 second triggered motion recordings per day? No idea how someone can estimate that. My front triggers constantly but side door almost never.
Post #162400933 added 03-19-2023 8:59 AM by bitinabyte in Hot Deals
5* reviews but all of them paid. Must be a great product
Post #162398851 added 03-19-2023 6:34 AM by GimmeYoTots in Hot Deals
The Sam’s description page is rather poor. Check out the page at Lowe’s where it’s being sold for $180. It appears this DOES allow for free local storage, but I’m guessing if you want to access...
Post #162397621 added 03-19-2023 4:18 AM by TungV9142 in Hot Deals no mention of onvif or rtsp on their specs page. weird. so dont count it will play nice with BLue Iris or any other standard NVR
Post #162394435 added 03-18-2023 7:32 PM by IronedWaffles in Hot Deals
Any ideas how I could power one of these via solar or other method without needing to be hardwired to the house? Would be perfect for my shed that doesn't have electric run out to it.
Post #162394204 added 03-18-2023 7:09 PM by lion88 in Hot Deals
How does this compare to the wyze spotlight? I just bought that on the previous deal but the camera came damaged so might return it.
Post #162394072 added 03-18-2023 6:59 PM by RumbleTheBison in Hot Deals
May get one for the front and back and let doing video doorbells go
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