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Post #166366411 added 10-13-2023 4:29 AM by iahawks550 in Hot Deals
Nothing about being a "hip thing". There are plenty of people living in areas that are often hit by storms. All it takes is having to move out of your home for a week in the winter to think these...
Post #166366249 added 10-13-2023 3:59 AM by Rabid in Hot Deals
Total Harmonic Distortion is a means to measure the quality of electricity. 6% THD is considered the upper limit for "clean" electricity. Above 6% THD the electricity may reduce the life of...
Post #166363963 added 10-12-2023 9:22 PM by anonymous2929239 in Hot Deals
I’ve never had any issues. I use routers, pcs etc during outages. Tv etc
Post #166363048 added 10-12-2023 8:09 PM by thepiecesfit in Hot Deals
Sorry pretty ignorant on this care to elaborate. What would be better to get then?
Post #166362667 added 10-12-2023 7:41 PM by anonymous2929239 in Hot Deals
I have a 11kw generac guardian, its been installed for 10 years, at 6 year mark I paid for a service to check valves etc, they was in spec perfectly fine. so all I do is change oil every 2-3 years...
Post #166362616 added 10-12-2023 7:37 PM by mja28 in Hot Deals
My neighbor got something similar. I think it's at 22k. Cost him at that time 3K and 3K for installation. It runs once a week for 15 minutes I think, and oil change once a year.
Post #166358392 added 10-12-2023 3:39 PM by PhuongN1949 in Hot Deals
What is the decibel on this thing when it’s running?
Post #166356208 added 10-12-2023 1:45 PM by mrsunny in Hot Deals
Great info; could you tell me how much it's going to cost for the installation by the electrician?
Post #166354501 added 10-12-2023 12:25 PM by Sasuke18 in Hot Deals
I got a quote in the Orlando area and the 2 companies that came out both wanted between 17k -21k. At that price, I don't feel it was worth it unless you're getting power outages for extended periods...
Post #166354444 added 10-12-2023 12:23 PM by Rabid in Hot Deals
Be aware that this is not an inverter-style generator, therefore your electronics will have a hard time running on it and could possibly be damaged. It'll be pricey but I recommend putting any...
Post #166352866 added 10-12-2023 11:18 AM by jimglassford in Hot Deals
There are not a lot of generator deals. It is the same deal that runs continuously. Generac builds the lions share and can label them differently to minimize price comparisons. These Generac...
Post #163437791 added 05-11-2023 5:34 PM by cecilsaurus in Hot Deals
thx. where does it say 10 year warranty? i could only find 3 year on the site.
Post #162654526 added 03-31-2023 12:08 PM by ballerandco in Hot Deals
Does anyone know if the 10 year warranty includes parts and labor?
Post #162623443 added 03-30-2023 6:34 AM by misterputz in Hot Deals
How has delivery experience been? The page says the freight shipping available with Threshold option
Post #162567166 added 03-27-2023 6:39 PM by Iexpedite in Hot Deals
My electric panel is split, I have 110V panel in the garage and 220V on the other side of the house. I hired and electrician to wire an interlock into the entire 110V panel. With a relatively...
Post #162553876 added 03-27-2023 7:20 AM by SnakePlisken in Hot Deals
Buy a cell phone
Post #162553573 added 03-27-2023 7:00 AM by DelightfulScene889 in Hot Deals
No, never did look into that. Would have been open to it, just never looked. I suppose the real setup with that battery is to add solar panels and really make yourself "interruption proof".
Post #162534610 added 03-25-2023 10:25 PM by adirondackman in Hot Deals
I have this generator and I bought it at my Lowes one day on clearance with a 10% off coupon for about $2000. It was a customer special order that was returned. It cost me $3000 for the electrician...
Post #162534142 added 03-25-2023 9:35 PM by chemist_slime in Hot Deals
Looks like Costco is now selling the Honeywell version, 22k for 4899.99 after 500 dollars off. It also incudes a 200A transfer switch. Valid 3/35 - 3/26. Short window. ...
Post #162532069 added 03-25-2023 6:26 PM by topshelf207 in Hot Deals
Here in rural Maine Id kill for one. Well not really, but it would be pretty nice to have. Power goes out here atleast a few times a year, sometimes half dozen. Thankfully its always comes back on...
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