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Post #162531595 added 03-25-2023 5:51 PM by slickdealuser123 in Deal Talk
i am in the same boat, will have to cancel the order. dumb walgreens.
Post #162531439 added 03-25-2023 5:37 PM by slickdealuser123 in Deal Talk
how do i know that i will get $9.11 in Walgreens Cash
Post #162530677 added 03-25-2023 4:36 PM by mirchi123 in Deal Talk
You will not get the reward even if Walgreen cancels/reduces the qty.
Post #162525109 added 03-25-2023 10:34 AM by cheapodeal in Deal Talk
I ordered 2 sprays and 2 toothpaste. 1 toothpaste order was cancelled and other 3 items are ready to pick up. Do I still get $9.xx reward? I don't mind if I get less amount of reward, but definitely...
Post #162513970 added 03-24-2023 5:20 PM by PowerfulRecess2412 in Deal Talk
SORRY15 code doesn’t work.
Post #162491422 added 03-23-2023 4:37 PM by sthani in Deal Talk
SORRY15 didn't work, so used WAG10 for 10% off. Repped.
Post #162483646 added 03-23-2023 10:23 AM by Notorious_TBG in Deal Talk
Screw Walgreens, every SINGLE time I buy these package deals they cancel my order.
Post #162448228 added 03-21-2023 3:37 PM by PowerfulDirt985 in Deal Talk
Ordered canceled. Lmfao. Figures.
Post #162445102 added 03-21-2023 12:45 PM by samwathegreat in Deal Talk
Register rewards and walgreens cash rewards are not the same thing. Sounds like your rep was ill-informed. You absolutely can use cash rewards and earn more cash rewards. On rare occasion I've...
Post #162433387 added 03-20-2023 9:08 PM by bharath1801 in Deal Talk
Do you get $9.11 in Walgreens Cash , if one of the item is out of stock and adjustment is made?
Post #162432010 added 03-20-2023 7:57 PM by ctz in Deal Talk
I also find the Phoenix scent unpleasant.. Smells like dog piss. I guess I am used to men's body spray from Bath Body & Works. I won't even bother returning, as I paid $15 out of pocket, with $9...
Post #162429028 added 03-20-2023 4:57 PM by schlack in Deal Talk
Will it ship for free at this price?
Post #162426520 added 03-20-2023 2:49 PM by selvaspk in Deal Talk
Morning I ordered colgate and bar soap. Used $5 wgc. It still showed $5 back on rewards. Not sure if that is going to show up on my account Took a screenshot anyways.
Post #162424144 added 03-20-2023 1:03 PM by proskatersf90 in Deal Talk
I think if you're still spending more than what you're taking off it will like if you bought $27 worth of stuff and the deal was get $5 rewards for spending $20 and you used $6 in rewards you would...
Post #162424081 added 03-20-2023 1:01 PM by proskatersf90 in Deal Talk
Oh man the Phoenix scent is almost nauseating to me now lol reminds me of grammar school PE. I was in the prime of axe body spray just being released
Post #162423361 added 03-20-2023 12:30 PM by chaoticz in Deal Talk
Ok good looking out I didn't know this
Post #162423304 added 03-20-2023 12:28 PM by chaoticz in Deal Talk
I feel like I've done this many times, is this true? I know I have definitely. Did this change recently or is it was certain items?
Post #162422743 added 03-20-2023 12:03 PM by SplatoonJen in Deal Talk
What is the best scent out of the Axe sprays?
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