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Post #162579415 added 03-28-2023 9:11 AM by ChipB70 in Deal Talk
Black devices matter
Post #162570370 added 03-27-2023 10:32 PM by DoctorStrangle in Deal Talk
USB C Charger 100W 4 Port PD Wall Charger with 5ft USB C Cable for MacBook, USB C Laptops, iPad Pro, iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy and More
Post #162557068 added 03-27-2023 9:56 AM by euuser11153660 in Deal Talk
In case anyone's considering the chargers recommended here, I was looking into getting one (I really like the design of a separate cord going into the wall instead of a big brick) but saw that none...
Post #162507058 added 03-24-2023 11:27 AM by sah0724 in Deal Talk
Is this good to charger a Thinkpad p14 second gen?
Post #162471529 added 03-22-2023 6:05 PM by maering in Deal Talk
I've bought this charger about a month ago. For some reason this charger won't support ultra fast charging on my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Monoprice has an exact same looking charger as this one,...
Post #162470893 added 03-22-2023 5:21 PM by iwearjorts in Deal Talk
Anyone know if this is safe for charging Xbox Elite Seies 2 controllers? The cable they come with is a usb a to usb c and if I use this with a c to c and 100w I am wondering if that is too much power...
Post #162469702 added 03-22-2023 4:14 PM by deathsmetal in Deal Talk
Heya, tnx for the reply. I did watched the YT but that is for the product posted (the Amazon Basics) and not the one the other poster shared: (Geekera, $32,...
Post #162467761 added 03-22-2023 2:28 PM by nksqca in Deal Talk
It's UL-listed according to the youtube video review posted earlier in the thread. You can see the marking on the device itself.
Post #162460186 added 03-22-2023 8:23 AM by samsj in Deal Talk
Pick up at a Amazon locker and use code PICKUP10OFF for $10 discount
Post #162459193 added 03-22-2023 7:36 AM by deathsmetal in Deal Talk
Thanks for sharing. I am no expert on these and have seen many manufacturers, brands, etc. Knowing manufacturer is a big deal for me, and for anything like this that I tend to leave plugged into a...
Post #162457426 added 03-22-2023 5:37 AM by tsigwing in Deal Talk
Thanks for posting. Bought this two weeks ago for $10 more. Because of Amazon's lack of price matching, I bought this one and will return the other one.
Post #162454693 added 03-21-2023 9:57 PM by swichers in Deal Talk
Buy a box of 1ft extension cables. They're a game changer. All those devices with wall warts that block other outlets are no problem.
Post #162452983 added 03-21-2023 7:56 PM by deucebigalow4 in Deal Talk
FWIW M2 MacBook Air can accept 140W chargers, but its charging speed is capped at 67W. I tried a LDNIO charger with USB C -> MagSafe, but found that plugging anything else in would cause the MacBook...
Post #162445165 added 03-21-2023 12:50 PM by kpeng2 in Deal Talk
I am waiting for Amazon basics iPhone for $299
Post #162445069 added 03-21-2023 12:43 PM by another_2000 in Deal Talk
These stick too far out to hide behind furniture. I wish they could be rotated 90 degrees.
Post #162444868 added 03-21-2023 12:32 PM by DLimm in Deal Talk
I have this one (bought for $32.49). It regularly is on sale... Was $35 last week. Only con is that it's a wall wart.
Post #162444358 added 03-21-2023 12:04 PM by Xamindar in Deal Talk
Does steam deck charge via USBC? I think you can answer that one yourself.
Post #162444325 added 03-21-2023 12:03 PM by Xamindar in Deal Talk
I stand corrected. I misread someone else stating the single port can only reach 60w.
Post #162443377 added 03-21-2023 11:16 AM by WifiCollector in Deal Talk
can be used on steam deck?
Post #162443005 added 03-21-2023 10:55 AM by euuser11153660 in Deal Talk
In case this helps anyone, I have that Monoprice charger with a similar configuration and form factor, and while it works pretty well, it takes up a lot of space on an outlet and is heavy enough that...
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