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Post #162670528 added 04-01-2023 7:48 AM by digipimp75 in Hot Deals
Relax. It's not that serious.
Post #162615160 added 03-29-2023 5:34 PM by Sniper82 in Hot Deals
Yeah at this point they don't seem to be selling that well. Alot that wanted them either can't afford it now or are over it at this point. They are everywhere.
Post #162591337 added 03-28-2023 5:06 PM by thakoolkid in Hot Deals
No they “found” the shipping containers that were held. If you want a PS5 it’s never been easier. This ain’t like 2 years ago.
Post #162557131 added 03-27-2023 9:58 AM by kingeorg in Hot Deals
This seems to be a good deal (without taxes) but are PS5 still hard to get? Or one has to wait for batches? I mean I just checked GameStop and the same model is $509... So.
Post #162552061 added 03-27-2023 4:55 AM by pependri in Hot Deals
No taxes at exchange.
Post #162545116 added 03-26-2023 3:57 PM by mrcuba in Hot Deals
Taxes make it $30+ average more expensive than this. And also none of the red cards have an included free extra year warranty.
Post #162544081 added 03-26-2023 2:33 PM by pcman2000 in Hot Deals
Got it thanks for the info.
Post #162542875 added 03-26-2023 1:07 PM by gunner249 in Hot Deals
Taxes make it about even
Post #162540853 added 03-26-2023 10:45 AM by unfreakin in Hot Deals
Usually no tax on Military exchanges though
Post #162538831 added 03-26-2023 8:35 AM by pcman2000 in Hot Deals
$5 cheaper at Target with Redcard FYI.
Post #162538354 added 03-26-2023 7:59 AM by NauticalTerms in Hot Deals
You did well
Post #162538276 added 03-26-2023 7:53 AM by quackslayer in Hot Deals
It is.
Post #162537949 added 03-26-2023 7:30 AM by Cecerious in Hot Deals
You should have Military Exchange shopping privileges Says DEP'ers can under the...
Post #162537751 added 03-26-2023 7:17 AM by superformance in Hot Deals
Disc version I hope?
Post #162536773 added 03-26-2023 5:36 AM by noobtech206 in Hot Deals
I’m in the delayed entry program for the marines. Can I get this?
Post #162514213 added 03-24-2023 5:37 PM by vwyatt in Hot Deals
My bad. I do not post much in here.
Post #162513439 added 03-24-2023 4:51 PM by SliQwick in Hot Deals
It's a Sony PlayStation 5 Console God of War Ragnarok Bundle for $489.99 CODE: 10010891273 Availability: In stock Please Note Limit 2 Per Customer Description Model: 6795406
Post #162512689 added 03-24-2023 4:09 PM by Butcherboy in Hot Deals
PS5 bundle ??? OP your title needs a lot of work
Post #162512518 added 03-24-2023 4:02 PM by vwyatt in Hot Deals
Military or veteran . Sony PlayStation 5 Console God of War Ragnarok Bundle. You'll need to create an account and verify. ...

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