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Post #162691042 added 04-02-2023 12:40 PM by ChrisK1979 in Deal Talk
Looks like it has expired.
Post #162689863 added 04-02-2023 11:22 AM by pelletman in Deal Talk
Neither of the codes worked for me. Total $19.75. Pass
Post #162674464 added 04-01-2023 11:30 AM by iceage2007 in Deal Talk
I got 4 for $9 and get $5 reward back. Won't that be a better deal today?
Post #162669298 added 04-01-2023 6:39 AM by WittyLumber420 in Deal Talk
is tide simply just half water or something
Post #162662113 added 03-31-2023 5:33 PM by Alexkg in Deal Talk
Bought the Bounce sheets: Order summary Item subtotal: $12.50 Includes a $1.25 shopping bag fee Promos & coupons: -$1.07 Store pickup: FREE Sales tax: $0.98 Manufacturer coupons: -$0.50...
Post #162655606 added 03-31-2023 12:59 PM by arribasn in Deal Talk
seems dead to me
Post #162629032 added 03-30-2023 10:18 AM by JavaGuy147 in Deal Talk
You pay more for something you may or may not want in every wash, and may or may not be at the concentration you wish, and may or may not even be present.
Post #162628939 added 03-30-2023 10:16 AM by JavaGuy147 in Deal Talk
I've heard it's more about buildup and mildew and not necessarily damaging the machine. Again, hearsay with no evidence. There is evidence, however, that it's not great for clothes (or at least some...
Post #162628846 added 03-30-2023 10:13 AM by JavaGuy147 in Deal Talk
This is the same machine people put literal sodium hypochlorite (bleach) into. You think some 5% acetic acid solution (mostly water) is going to damage it? Yes one is an acid the other a base, but if...
Post #162628450 added 03-30-2023 9:54 AM by JavaGuy147 in Deal Talk
"80" (ideal) loads for $25 isn't exactly a steal. Nor is useless clothes destroying softeners. All in lovely individually packaged plastic jugs. Great. Best deal is look elsewhere for larger package,...
Post #162622603 added 03-30-2023 5:43 AM by Ray0gun in Deal Talk
Order online, app or website, then pickup has different prices than at store. Sometimes it’s the same. I asked the manager if they’ll match and he said no.
Post #162618979 added 03-29-2023 9:10 PM by NIL8retail4uNme in Deal Talk
This doesn't seem like a troll so I think you just got it backwards. HDPE is more impact resistant (flexible) but less chemical resistant than PET. I've never seen a gallon jug of vinegar sold in...
Post #162612664 added 03-29-2023 3:13 PM by iwearjorts in Deal Talk
More Walgreens deals that I would take advantage of if we had one ‘round here.
Post #162610975 added 03-29-2023 1:44 PM by Daddychoc in Deal Talk
Is this online only, can I go in-store and get the same deal?
Post #162610951 added 03-29-2023 1:43 PM by Daddychoc in Deal Talk
Taxes maybe... most original post do not include taxes.
Post #162608944 added 03-29-2023 12:09 PM by aray0002 in Deal Talk
might be a stretch but I going with possibly the Oxi ....
Post #162607510 added 03-29-2023 11:09 AM by Zawi in Deal Talk
neither code work.
Post #162599191 added 03-29-2023 3:51 AM by alexchud87 in Deal Talk
What's the difference for detergent with and without Oxi?
Post #162597670 added 03-28-2023 11:03 PM by caleb4god in Deal Talk
I bent my Wookie.
Post #162597127 added 03-28-2023 10:12 PM by mickey1987 in Deal Talk
neither code works for me. Maybe next time
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