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Post #167071246 added 11-15-2023 6:17 PM by gtfreak in Deal Talk
Yeah mine was “good” but looked brand new and performed flawless. Open box prices has gone up since. Glad i picked one up earlier when it was cheaper price.
Post #166918405 added 11-09-2023 8:13 PM by RalphMachio in Deal Talk
Got another excellent for trial. Cosmetically perfect but right thumb stick was full throttle locked right so retuned immediately. Somehow "good" seems to be the sweet spot for these open box.
Post #166797712 added 11-05-2023 7:04 AM by bman3v in Deal Talk
Was going to buy an open box excellent for sub 500$ but now they added the "membership" discount so it's more expensive without. Too bad I guess. Won't touch paid memberships there when games club...
Post #166786561 added 11-04-2023 1:17 PM by RalphMachio in Deal Talk
Yeah I just picked up a “good” locally. Much better condition.
Post #166779211 added 11-04-2023 6:23 AM by gtfreak in Deal Talk
Bought one in Good condition. It pretty much looked brand new untouched with everything included in box. Ymmv
Post #166774276 added 11-03-2023 8:09 PM by RalphMachio in Deal Talk
Got my open box "excellent". Was pretty dirty, couple small scratches on the screen. Going back to try a few more open box to see if in better condition. If not, cancelled and will start thinking...
Post #166731805 added 11-02-2023 12:31 AM by RalphMachio in Deal Talk
I think new sticks are like $15.
Post #166731568 added 11-01-2023 11:59 PM by krazyq in Deal Talk
I got a new and open box excellent condition. Open box one looked just like new until I started using it and realized that the left analog stick was loose and would click weirdly every time I moved...
Post #166731448 added 11-01-2023 11:42 PM by AvalonXIII in Deal Talk
Price has gone up now. Maybe it's for the best. Already had a Steam Deck and very happy with it so was deciding whether to bite or not...
Post #166731424 added 11-01-2023 11:37 PM by RalphMachio in Deal Talk
Haha I appreciate the flex for sure, but you're being silly. 6 1TB in cards...that's like $500 in micro SDs. But there is no way you have time for 8TB of gaming related stuff. You loading it up...
Post #166731358 added 11-01-2023 11:29 PM by xlr231 in Deal Talk
Looks like the open Box Excellent are up to $520 now. I may just get a new for $599. I have a Steam Deck now, I ordered day 1, but I've spent more time tweaking and getting things to work than...
Post #166730983 added 11-01-2023 10:42 PM by dtnrvna in Deal Talk
8TB... I will never understand people who use this much storage. I used to pirate every movie and TV show before streaming was a thing, I modded all of my game consoles and downloaded every popular...
Post #166730902 added 11-01-2023 10:32 PM by joe318 in Deal Talk
I’ve updated my SD SSD to 2TB AND carry around six 1TB microSD cards so there definitely is still a need for a functioning card reader that you know, you paid for.
Post #166730659 added 11-01-2023 10:09 PM by Inboxrod in Deal Talk
I don’t understand the complaints, my Ally is rock solid since day 1. The damn thing puts a smile on my face every single day. I sold my console, gaming laptop and Switch after the Ally. I’m sure...
Post #166730593 added 11-01-2023 10:02 PM by GStatus232 in Deal Talk
There is no trackpad on the Ally troll.
Post #166730119 added 11-01-2023 9:29 PM by RalphMachio in Deal Talk
Good deal at this price if you don’t wanna spend $700 on the L Go. I was all for the L Go when it was announced but I’m gonna bite on this deal and see how it goes.
Post #166729255 added 11-01-2023 8:31 PM by juniorrose in Deal Talk
So I got an excellent was in pretty good lotta fingerprints but in decent shape the speed of the Wi-Fi adapters a little concerning I like the fact that it has fingerprint touch on the power button...
Post #166728958 added 11-01-2023 8:16 PM by versusforward in Deal Talk
upgraded with a 2tb sn 740 when this came out, haven't used the sdcard and runs nearly everything much better than a steam deck
Post #166728952 added 11-01-2023 8:16 PM by Peerless_Warrior in Deal Talk
Might be referring to d pad, or the analog stick
Post #166728886 added 11-01-2023 8:13 PM by silvermember in Deal Talk
Remember a lot of people are steam zealots and not video game fans. They lie to overinflate the value of Valve for reasons I don’t understand.
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