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Post #167521957 added 11-26-2023 5:24 PM by tC2009 in Deal Talk
Worked. I had cancelled a trial a couple months ago.
Post #167292814 added 11-21-2023 11:23 PM by Gnomeslayer in Deal Talk
My current plan ends on the 25th, guess I'll check back then and see if I can resub and get this deal!
Post #167292778 added 11-21-2023 11:21 PM by M177 in Deal Talk
This worked for me. I had cancelled my membership in March of this year, so I’m surprised it worked.
Post #167291815 added 11-21-2023 10:25 PM by E.K in Deal Talk
Dang, my account did not qualify. Last had a subscription like a year or so ago.
Post #167290639 added 11-21-2023 9:36 PM by StrifeZero in Deal Talk
Audible has for new subscribers: Audible Premium Plus Membership + $20 Audible Credit on sale for $5.95 per month for 4 months. Note: After 4 months, $14.95/mo. Cancel anytime. Offer ends November...
Post #167170066 added 11-18-2023 3:38 PM by NinjaZero1 in Deal Talk
Promo code error - Promo code could not be applied.
Post #167165056 added 11-18-2023 12:23 PM by Pras_Srini in Deal Talk
Audible Plus membership gives you unlimited access to their Plus Catalog, which includes thousands of Audible Originals, audiobooks, and podcasts including exclusive series. Once this membership is...
Post #167164897 added 11-18-2023 12:18 PM by warsatan in Deal Talk
The premium plus gives you "credit" each month to buy the books that aren't marked "audible only". I don't think the subscription features are that great vs my local library via Libby.
Post #167164690 added 11-18-2023 12:09 PM by davisesq212 in Deal Talk
I’m so curious. What’s the difference between audible subscription and audible premium plus? The site also has a special for a free 30 day sub but it only includes 2 books. What’s the difference?...
Post #167163787 added 11-18-2023 11:35 AM by Eragorn in Deal Talk
Contact support. They manually overrode the 3 free months this summer for me.
Post #167163763 added 11-18-2023 11:34 AM by Eragorn in Deal Talk
Nope not yet.
Post #167156515 added 11-18-2023 7:23 AM by warsatan in Deal Talk
Thanks for listing out Shift. Adding to my queue. Have you listen to the Three Body Problem series ?
Post #167155183 added 11-18-2023 6:33 AM by Trewtrew in Deal Talk
Canceled about a month ago and it worked. Thanks!
Post #167151241 added 11-18-2023 1:09 AM by Eragorn in Deal Talk
have a backlog of audiobooks :/ around 150 total books in my library and though I've read most my queue still has up next Shift (silo saga) Dush (silo saga) The silmarillion (read by andy serkis)...
Post #167146639 added 11-17-2023 8:19 PM by RampItUp in Deal Talk Set up a Deal Alert for Audible.
Post #167142871 added 11-17-2023 5:49 PM by CheapForMe in Deal Talk
How did I miss a $75 annual membership fee?
Post #167142253 added 11-17-2023 5:27 PM by tayloriffic in Deal Talk
Same. I canceled 2 years ago … still never been able to get the deal.
Post #167141002 added 11-17-2023 4:45 PM by powerslave12r in Deal Talk
Can you apply the $20 credit to pay the remaining 3 months on promo?
Post #167137588 added 11-17-2023 3:07 PM by StarTrekkin in Deal Talk
They wouldn't give me the $75 annual membership offer from a couple weeks ago but this one worked. Thanks OP!
Post #167136769 added 11-17-2023 2:43 PM by Nick5324 in Deal Talk
"Promo code could not be applied." Least surprising thing I've seen all year.
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