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Post #168079747 added 12-15-2023 8:02 AM by shahhere in Deal Talk
Deluxe. Shahhere
Post #168078214 added 12-15-2023 7:09 AM by kk1212 in Deal Talk
Do we need deluxe or elite version if we have stock trades , carryover loss etc
Post #167857807 added 12-07-2023 8:59 AM by GreenDolphin2728 in Deal Talk
The Gift Card was not working for me. I purchased this bundle on 12/5/2023 and choose Starbucks gift card. While H&R block worked fine, I was not able to redeem the Starbucks. I reached out to Newegg...
Post #167789335 added 12-04-2023 4:53 PM by DonV1962 in Deal Talk
It is $30 less which goes in the better column for me. Have never used TurboTax but the best I can determine after following these deal threads and the comments for many years is that TurboTax may be...
Post #167783596 added 12-04-2023 12:53 PM by sqa4life in Deal Talk
I've been using TurboTax for years, is this better?
Post #167757178 added 12-03-2023 1:37 PM by manerac in Deal Talk
Download link doesn't work Newegg emailed a software download link that directs me to some crapware download and never gets to the actual software. Did anyone else successfully download? ...
Post #167734663 added 12-02-2023 2:50 PM by DonV1962 in Deal Talk
It is free for me as I choose not to buy the additional feature. Two minutes of work versus $20 out of pocket make for an easy choice at least for me.
Post #167734120 added 12-02-2023 2:23 PM by BlueSeaLake in Deal Talk
It was $20 to e-file a State return for H&R Block last year.
Post #167731192 added 12-02-2023 11:58 AM by DonV1962 in Deal Talk
There is an audit risk feature built onto the software that warns if things look weird that could trigger an audit. Have never had it trigger for me, but I assume that the software would assist and...
Post #167731159 added 12-02-2023 11:56 AM by DonV1962 in Deal Talk
Probably about 90% of Americans can do that and it should take about 20 minutes, but they are all currently moaning and crying that Block or the IRS will not do it for free for them.
Post #167727949 added 12-02-2023 9:48 AM by FnlPrblm in Deal Talk
I'm just old enough to remember going to the public library and getting a free paper copy of my 1099EZ form for my first job. Then going home and filling it out with a pen and a calculator. lol ...
Post #167721259 added 12-02-2023 5:18 AM by randumb0 in Deal Talk
The IRS uses software to look for abnormalities to trigger audits so be careful with that. They have no problem with going after the little guy because the little guy doesn't have the money to fight...
Post #167708059 added 12-01-2023 3:23 PM by pegreene in Deal Talk
It says it includes state, but not the efile fee. I can't seem to find the amount of the efile fee. I've been using FreeTaxUSA for some years now without issue.
Post #167699908 added 12-01-2023 10:54 AM by hy_tek in Deal Talk
No you "literally" said my original comment was "poorly worded". It was worded just fine for everyone but you. I am blocking you for being one of THOSE people who come here simply to nit pick the...
Post #167695147 added 12-01-2023 8:41 AM by 460X in Deal Talk
For anyone new... I used TaxAct for a decade, H&R Block for the past four years and TurboTax twice from a friend to test it. Here's my take....they all spit out the same number. If not, then user...
Post #167695141 added 12-01-2023 8:41 AM by shandril in Deal Talk
That's been my experience as well. Every year I do our taxes via two methods. Used combinations of Turbotax, H&R Block Taxcut, Credit Karma tax/Cash app, etc., usually with one of them free and other...
Post #167692072 added 12-01-2023 7:15 AM by Dealzez in Deal Talk
That's *literally* what I said you said 🤣. But it's an ignorant concept as you are assuming that the $20 gift card is worth $20 to them and that they could just as easily sell it to you that way....
Post #167689669 added 12-01-2023 5:54 AM by hy_tek in Deal Talk
Do you have problems with reading comprehension? I said nothing of the sort. I said to sell the software for $20 by itself without a gift card. Your condescending comments are pretty juvenile.
Post #167684428 added 11-30-2023 10:40 PM by cockadoodle in Deal Talk
I don't bother paying taxes. This government doesn't deserve my money...Probably owe hundreds of thousands...
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