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Post #167985955 added 12-12-2023 8:12 AM by adam8281 in Deal Talk
Thanks! I have been using PuriLens Plus as the non-preservative saline to fill my sclerals, and have no complaints.
Post #167981236 added 12-12-2023 4:45 AM by mezio in Deal Talk
I think it depends on your manufacturer but I've used both interchangeably for scleral lenses and don't notice a difference. Also Costco has a lower price at $0.64/oz vs Amazon S&S at $1.04/oz,...
Post #167756521 added 12-03-2023 1:08 PM by UniqueFang618 in Deal Talk
"Promotion has ended Terms " :(
Post #167713579 added 12-01-2023 7:05 PM by salmir69 in Deal Talk
Costco sells the version that has "hydro glide." Our optometrist had mentioned that the non-hydroglide version was better for the eyes.
Post #167713486 added 12-01-2023 7:01 PM by salmir69 in Deal Talk
Awesome deal! Need to use up my FSA for 2023 so I purchased at least a year's worth!
Post #167694109 added 12-01-2023 8:13 AM by hereiamnow00 in Deal Talk
Unless you have built up an intolerance to all forms of saline solutions and this is the only product that let's you wear contact lenses.
Post #167684989 added 11-30-2023 11:30 PM by MaroonSummer745 in Deal Talk
Got 2 at 23.81 including tax. A decent deal.
Post #167679118 added 11-30-2023 6:11 PM by ImagineNoReligion in Deal Talk
Thank you, though after my supply is exhausted I'm going to start using my FSA to buy at Costco.
Post #167668339 added 11-30-2023 11:40 AM by eefere in Deal Talk
My cases are getting used up more quickly now, too. These are the most reasonably priced ones I've found (3 pack):
Post #167668261 added 11-30-2023 11:39 AM by eefere in Deal Talk
I've noticed the more recent cases aren't lasting as long.
Post #167667373 added 11-30-2023 11:11 AM by tougher in Deal Talk
Costco has them around $20 for two 16oz bottles, doesn't it?
Post #167666986 added 11-30-2023 10:57 AM by speedbump47 in Deal Talk
I've never seen the cases by themselves, as every bottle comes with one. As someone who ends up using a single case for multiple bottles (I toss when the bubbling/catalyst isn't enough to neutralize...
Post #167661502 added 11-30-2023 8:14 AM by StarryNight87 in Deal Talk
Does anyone know where I can just buy the contact case that goes w/ this solution?
Post #167660101 added 11-30-2023 7:29 AM by PartyInTheUSA in Deal Talk
If you use it with the included case, the solution neutralizes in about 5-6 hours and shouldn’t burn. You can definitely store your lenses in it that way. If you just dump it in a regular...
Post #167660059 added 11-30-2023 7:27 AM by CLETrashPanda11 in Deal Talk
Ugh what? You need to use the provided case with the disk to disinfect. After about 6 hours the peroxide is no longer active due to the carbon disk and you can put it in your eyes. This is written...
Post #167659987 added 11-30-2023 7:24 AM by PartyInTheUSA in Deal Talk
The solution seems to work just the same (3% hydrogen peroxide) but the case is definitely a bit cheaply made. If you have larger sclerals, you may not be able to close the case all the way. I have...
Post #167658505 added 11-30-2023 6:33 AM by millst in Deal Talk
It’s a wetting agent that is part of the solution. It is designed to work with Alcon HydraGlide lenses. If you don’t use them, then the additive may be bothersome. Most people don’t notice any...
Post #167658094 added 11-30-2023 6:18 AM by adam8281 in Deal Talk
I am new to sclerals (been wearing for less than a month, for my keratoconus). The starter bottle I got from my doctor is the Hydra Glide version. Can you explain the difference between that and...
Post #167658037 added 11-30-2023 6:17 AM by ctDealguru in Deal Talk
Can we use this to clean prescription glasses?
Post #167657536 added 11-30-2023 5:58 AM by saltinekracka20 in Deal Talk
Do special discounts only apply to your first subscribe and save order or also the repeat order for the same item?
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