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Post #171066747 added 05-27-2024 1:01 PM by mjb4450 in Deal Talk
I somehow just now kept clicking and got the i5, 8gb, 256gb for $329 but it did not start out that way.
Post #168953152 added 01-27-2024 4:40 PM by Bryan2017 in Deal Talk
Thanks, I corrected it. That’s Dell for you. Sneaky they are.
Post #168953011 added 01-27-2024 4:30 PM by Mbilo in Deal Talk
That's because it switches to the i3-1215U
Post #168952969 added 01-27-2024 4:26 PM by Bryan2017 in Deal Talk
If you go to the deal and select the 16gb of RAM, then reselect the 8gb of RAM. The price will go from $330 to $300. But apparently it’s switching the i5 to i3 which is sneaky of Dell.
Post #168924391 added 01-26-2024 6:38 AM by hacker12 in Deal Talk
ordered to 2 to use 120/600 amex offer
Post #168872659 added 01-23-2024 12:45 PM by TenderPiranha in Deal Talk
There is Inspiron 3520 @ MicroCenter with 512 GB NVME and Core i5-1155G7 CPU for $300. i5-1155G7...
Post #168872029 added 01-23-2024 12:16 PM by mulox in Deal Talk
Great price, until I dove deeper into the specs... No touch screen No USB-C ports No backlit keyboard 1080p max output via an external monitor Reported issues with the hinges
Post #168866830 added 01-23-2024 8:29 AM by fialee8 in Deal Talk
You may want to confirm the USB C port. I believe the color on sale does not come with a USB C port. I bought the Ci3 version for $280 a week back on a similar deal (stacked Amex $40off/$250,...
Post #168840175 added 01-22-2024 5:44 AM by UhsarpA in Deal Talk
Does anyone know how to get the 10% off coupon for subscribing to their newsletter? I don't see any info on this on
Post #168778354 added 01-18-2024 4:18 PM by Andrepartthree in Deal Talk
(slaps head).. yep right there in the title shows just how stupid I am, thanks :) talks about adding a second 2.5 format ssd drive .. sadly the...
Post #168777196 added 01-18-2024 3:18 PM by jaymiggy in Deal Talk
i bought this and the battery gets faulty after 5 months. beware
Post #168777091 added 01-18-2024 3:11 PM by jooni81 in Deal Talk
Title says 3520, order code says nn3520gmqch...
Post #168776131 added 01-18-2024 2:16 PM by Andrepartthree in Deal Talk
Anyone know what the model number is for the $330 version of this? It would be really helpful to determine upgrade options (ram, if you can add a second hard drive) .. strangely enough the website...
Post #168767209 added 01-18-2024 7:16 AM by taller238 in Deal Talk
The HDMI 1.4 cannot output 4k 60hz?
Post #168742441 added 01-16-2024 11:58 PM by HunterOne in Deal Talk
Read this post from the other thread for the easy way to adjust the hinge nuts to avoid breaking the hinge/lid over time. This is a known issue. ...
Post #168738736 added 01-16-2024 5:39 PM by sarlo100 in Deal Talk
HDMI 1.4 on a 12th Gen, and downgraded to 1080p output? No bueno. Yikes.
Post #168730369 added 01-16-2024 9:58 AM by gxl1927 in Deal Talk
This particular model has a known issue: cannot support external monitor output (through the only option hdmi) more than 1080p. I suspect it is intentional, dell said it is due to motherboard...
Post #168706372 added 01-14-2024 11:59 PM by Mbilo in Deal Talk
There are no USB-C ports on this
Post #168706351 added 01-14-2024 11:54 PM by sieudaochich in Deal Talk
Is this capable of charging over USB C?
Post #168704791 added 01-14-2024 8:34 PM by MemorableShow961 in Deal Talk
Thanks for the information! Unfortunately For me, it’s 120$ off for over 599$
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