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Post #169099246 added 02-04-2024 6:14 PM by douglasfir in Deal Talk
I bought these. My only complaint is that you have to press the power button for an annoyingly long amount of time to turn them on.
Post #169091056 added 02-04-2024 8:02 AM by randyp81 in Deal Talk
Post #169089484 added 02-04-2024 6:05 AM by splunk in Deal Talk
These should be no more than $50.
Post #169078861 added 02-03-2024 11:12 AM by dsdunbar in Deal Talk
Thanks! I wasnt aware of this "feature"...makes total sense! Again I highly recommend these for airplane travel and such.
Post #169075912 added 02-03-2024 8:20 AM by Owhat in Deal Talk
Yes, exactly--through AllState!
Post #169074616 added 02-03-2024 6:51 AM by SlickLlama2217 in Deal Talk
Sold out !!
Post #169072792 added 02-03-2024 3:40 AM by usuarioanon in Deal Talk
Is the warranty through AllState? Piece of cake claims - I got a pair of Sony earbuds, had them for over a year and then when one earbud started losing its charge more rapidly I emailed them. Within...
Post #169069327 added 02-02-2024 6:50 PM by orisky in Deal Talk
You're referring to Transparency mode? Isn't that what they're doing (pump in the sound), since the closed design blocks out sound even without ANC. I'd imagine that's what AirPod Pros are also...
Post #169068898 added 02-02-2024 6:13 PM by dsdunbar in Deal Talk
I bought these refurbished from ebay for $250 from a Frontpage deal before christmas and also bought the Costco beats deal that was the same price (but new). I only tried the two together for 15mins...
Post #169068595 added 02-02-2024 5:55 PM by MaxineRazer in Deal Talk
Still have return window no?
Post #169068172 added 02-02-2024 5:28 PM by sbaum676 in Deal Talk
Get it from secondipity! I got mine a year ago and have been the best headphones I've owned over ear. Drawbacks are they get to warm for workouts and aren't rated for waterproof. Great sound quality...
Post #169068013 added 02-02-2024 5:18 PM by jimmyk321 in Deal Talk
Damn I just bought these last week at Best Buy for 400
Post #169067329 added 02-02-2024 4:31 PM by OptimusPrune in Deal Talk
If you are referring to the B&O Portal, unless you are someone who needs simultaneous audio coming from both Bluetooth and dongle, I'd go with these all the way. Gamers that want separate channels...
Post #169066048 added 02-02-2024 3:09 PM by ChrisFu in Deal Talk
I've had these since release, and I have to say that I love them. I use them every day, sometimes all day. I previously had the XM2s, so I was already familiar with them. I suggest everyone who...
Post #169065853 added 02-02-2024 2:56 PM by acesmuzic in Deal Talk
i just tried and it's working for me so maybe try again? note that it requires the woot app for purchase.
Post #169065625 added 02-02-2024 2:41 PM by NeatMeerkat520 in Deal Talk
I bought it from Secondipty for $180 during one of the sales. it came looking brand new in the box, with no sign of use. the headphone is great overall. battery life is exceptionally good. I...
Post #169064899 added 02-02-2024 1:53 PM by mister42 in Deal Talk
just want to add personally that i bought these from one of the recent secondipity deals and they are so painful for me to wear for more than about 2 hours, maybe less honestly. the headband is...
Post #169063744 added 02-02-2024 12:44 PM by RamesesThe2nd in Deal Talk
I purchased mine used from Secondipity first and they sent me a worn-down unit with broken ANC. I promptly returned it and purchased a brand-new unit. I love this headset, but it feels fragile, and I...
Post #169062586 added 02-02-2024 11:39 AM by orisky in Deal Talk
What connectivity problems are you referring to? I don't have any connectivity issues.
Post #169062118 added 02-02-2024 11:18 AM by SociableHerring246 in Deal Talk
It would be great if these buds didn't have connectivity problems. Btw, Sony are a worse WH-1000XM5in my opinion.
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