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Post #169484767 added 02-26-2024 9:16 PM by Doyouwantaspoon in Deal Talk
Showing $16.98 for me after all discounts. Dead
Post #169438117 added 02-23-2024 11:44 PM by us_x11 in Deal Talk
Mixes in/well with other clay litters?
Post #169276924 added 02-14-2024 11:18 PM by mikqmas in Deal Talk
Ordered and used this for the first time. Seems worse than the litter from Costco and Dr. E.
Post #169260094 added 02-14-2024 12:22 AM by edgeh2o in Deal Talk
Have used Dr E for so long as well, but in the last year the quality has dropped so much. It's so dusty nowadays and the clay particles are very coarse.
Post #169259389 added 02-13-2024 9:49 PM by john_russell in Deal Talk
Thanks. Trying this for my 2 cats. $12.83
Post #169249819 added 02-13-2024 10:36 AM by WolfTheCat in Deal Talk
Good deal (thumbs up)! At 43c/lb, it's cheaper than the Dr. Elsey's Ultra I usually buy, which is usually about $0.50/lb in the 40lb bags. But, my cats have used Dr.E their whole lives, and I...
Post #169243108 added 02-13-2024 1:52 AM by z32tt in Deal Talk
Probiotic? Scan
Post #169240888 added 02-12-2024 8:04 PM by Edge in Deal Talk
Boxiecat works well with the Litter Robot. Less dust and waste.
Post #169240519 added 02-12-2024 7:39 PM by OutlawDJ in Deal Talk
I use this for my litter robot 3. The product is fantastic. Lasts a bit over a month for my 2 cats. What isn't fantastic is how amazon ships these. My last 2 were damaged, one was automatically sent...
Post #169233430 added 02-12-2024 11:40 AM by omar10wahab in Deal Talk
I've tried them all just fyi and I don't have any better results with this brand. Unless your cat is specifically having issues with other brands I would not dish out the extra for this brand.
Post #169231672 added 02-12-2024 10:02 AM by SlickDealzYo in Deal Talk
I wonder how long this lasts unopened. I ask because a cat may be in my future so maybe I do the s&s just to lock it in and set it to 6 months frequency.
Post #169229944 added 02-12-2024 8:21 AM by feralshojo in Deal Talk
Thanks op! This is my cat litter that I always buy and I'm so stoked I got it on discount. I work in the pet care industry and while at a trade show I watched the rep pour water and make a clump in...
Post #169229317 added 02-12-2024 7:46 AM by kukblue1 in Deal Talk
Only can get 1. Can i do multiple orders and just not get the extra $3 off
Post #169229101 added 02-12-2024 7:33 AM by kovy in Deal Talk
Ummmm is this a cat litter that you then use as a protein shake?
Post #169228966 added 02-12-2024 7:26 AM by bmckenna in Deal Talk
I've found this litter works great in my litter robot 4
Post #169228507 added 02-12-2024 6:57 AM by jun2san in Deal Talk
From the thumbnail I thought this was coffee and got excited for a second
Post #169228381 added 02-12-2024 6:48 AM by bobbutts in Deal Talk
Came here to report the same final price for me.
Post #169228288 added 02-12-2024 6:42 AM by MemorableShow961 in Deal Talk
No coupons for me
Post #169227499 added 02-12-2024 5:36 AM by Hat-Trick in Deal Talk
$10.49 for me atfer 15% S&S and 40% coupon. Have tried the other Boxiecat litters from previous deals and it's good.
Post #169227265 added 02-12-2024 5:13 AM by JasoNB2773 in Deal Talk
$11.33 here. Good deal
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