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Post #170663514 added 05-02-2024 8:11 PM by Truth-Serum in Deal Talk
Guess I’ll try another customer service person tomorrow
Post #170663409 added 05-02-2024 8:02 PM by jamesrdeals in Deal Talk
They asked me to write serial number on the receipt and send it over secured link.
Post #170661054 added 05-02-2024 5:27 PM by Truth-Serum in Deal Talk
I just checked the warranty on the phone in settings under about. It is showing as expired. I called apple to give me the one year warranty. They said the receipt from target has to show the serial...
Post #170615268 added 04-30-2024 11:48 AM by Truth-Serum in Deal Talk
Thanks 👍
Post #170607441 added 04-30-2024 3:33 AM by bhumun123 in Deal Talk
No. It will not remove the unlock.
Post #170605422 added 04-29-2024 10:07 PM by Truth-Serum in Deal Talk
Does factory resetting the phone remove the unlock? I want to give the phone as a gift
Post #170468715 added 04-22-2024 4:58 AM by AlexS2465 in Deal Talk
They couldn't find it because it was never bought and activated with them properly, your biggest mistake was using those Sims (especially straight talk one) and at this point your best bet is 3rd...
Post #170450874 added 04-20-2024 8:13 PM by kml.uh in Deal Talk
I inserted an inactive straight talk sim card and a tmobile for another one. Apple says it is locked with straight talk and the other one with tmobile. But both tmobile and straight talk could not...
Post #170309307 added 04-12-2024 7:47 AM by chris8402 in Deal Talk
Can you unlock using the inactive att brand sim outside of US?
Post #169841640 added 03-17-2024 1:04 PM by TechExplorer24 in Deal Talk
I am sorry, it was a glitch in my new autocorrect algorithm. I was just wondering because with the new 17.4 iOS update some devices (new iPhones 15 and iPhone 13 made this year) show up more...
Post #169822818 added 03-16-2024 8:00 AM by ratbrain in Deal Talk
thank you!
Post #169814478 added 03-15-2024 3:57 PM by Zelo in Deal Talk
As someone else stated this deal was dead as of around March 3rd. Did you buy the 12 Pro Max at 50% off? If you're flipping it, I would buy it.
Post #169814274 added 03-15-2024 3:41 PM by turbunatorcf in Deal Talk
No. You can request as many as you want
Post #169812063 added 03-15-2024 1:20 PM by ratbrain in Deal Talk
Question, is there a limit on unlocking phones? or a cool off period before another request can be submitted?
Post #169784277 added 03-14-2024 3:20 AM by Truth-Serum in Deal Talk
Why is out of curiosity in quotes?
Post #169782234 added 03-13-2024 9:27 PM by TechExplorer24 in Deal Talk
Just out of curiosity, did anyone get any iPhone 13 made in 2023 or 2022 with this deal? Or all the ones you got were made in 2021? This year is listed on the box, right next to the Apple physical...
Post #169736880 added 03-11-2024 7:10 PM by monil025 in Deal Talk
old AT&T sim which I had, it was inactive
Post #169736862 added 03-11-2024 7:09 PM by monil025 in Deal Talk
I used an old AT&T sim, which was inactive. took ~1 min to get the status as "No Sim Restrictions". I followed the exact steps mentioned as most helpful with H2O/inactive AT&T sim. using the 13...
Post #169728966 added 03-11-2024 11:05 AM by TechExplorer24 in Deal Talk
Based on several messages, the deal ended on March 2nd.
Post #169725192 added 03-11-2024 7:37 AM by christianz in Deal Talk
the deal was dead ~1 wk ago ... sorry
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