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Post #169530387 added 02-29-2024 10:17 AM by JakeW2648 in Deal Talk
Any way to check prices without selecting a destination? Just looking to go anywhere
Post #169528857 added 02-29-2024 8:59 AM by aTOMMYx in Deal Talk
Yes, the fare difference will be under the ticket holder’s name.
Post #169528632 added 02-29-2024 8:49 AM by TheMexican in Deal Talk
Sigh. These sales never help. I was looking for a quick weekend trip to SF (from LA) and nothing is on sale.
Post #169526955 added 02-29-2024 7:26 AM by Tonyluo2001 in Deal Talk
Thanks. So the difference will be credited under ticket holder's name as well.
Post #169522890 added 02-29-2024 12:04 AM by aTOMMYx in Deal Talk
If booked within 24 hours, tickets are refunded into original form of payment. If cancellation is past the 24 hour period, amount of ticket will be credited under the ticket holder’s name and does...
Post #169522536 added 02-28-2024 10:58 PM by freakyfabe in Deal Talk
So very true!!!
Post #169521864 added 02-28-2024 9:45 PM by RedPandas in Deal Talk
Yeah that was my guess too
Post #169521858 added 02-28-2024 9:45 PM by RedPandas in Deal Talk
At first glance it’s definitely jarring. But then you may realize the flights are very rigid in date and time, and, to get these prices you need to book somewhat in advance. They’re also taking a...
Post #169521073 added 02-28-2024 8:31 PM by Estra in Deal Talk
Anyone else baffled on a 20min Uber ride being more expensive than these flight deals?
Post #169519741 added 02-28-2024 6:51 PM by Spaceman6969 in Deal Talk
No San Diego to Burbank??? :( aw shuck. I mean I don’t want to drive my Prius in traffic
Post #169517869 added 02-28-2024 4:57 PM by woomer051 in Deal Talk
Always wanted to see all those different tent cities.
Post #169516819 added 02-28-2024 3:51 PM by m0nique in Deal Talk
Yeah I was wondering that, it’s been like that for the last couple of sales. I didn’t know if it had to do with how SNA has the annual passenger cap
Post #169516396 added 02-28-2024 3:25 PM by khurtado in Deal Talk
Santa Ana is a bit closer.
Post #169513987 added 02-28-2024 1:07 PM by unitike in Deal Talk
Post #169512595 added 02-28-2024 11:52 AM by harrysaver in Deal Talk
Need to travel from BUR to SJC in Oct. Do these deals pop up when we get closer to the dates?
Post #169511185 added 02-28-2024 10:42 AM by glass_tiki in Deal Talk
SJC to BUR showing multiple dates, was able to rebook and save $50
Post #169509115 added 02-28-2024 9:03 AM by SaverDaddy in Deal Talk
If you're lucky, 16 gallons at 5+ bucks a gallon is more like $80
Post #169508689 added 02-28-2024 8:42 AM by sd_King in Deal Talk
Mostly business travel is associated with Southwest because of their flexibility
Post #169508671 added 02-28-2024 8:40 AM by sd_King in Deal Talk
And those don't expire, so you could use it next time.
Post #169508275 added 02-28-2024 8:23 AM by RelaxedTerrier9903 in Deal Talk
Cool, I can fly to San Francisco and get my rental car broken into, and get the "authentic San Francisco experience"!
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