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Free 1-Year SiriusXM Internet Radio Trial EXPIRED

TANGOSUKKA 1,868 September 27, 2012 at 11:36 PM in Tech & Electronics (6) More Sirius Deals
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Promoted 09-28-2012 at 01:00 AM View Original Post
SiriusXM is offering 1-Year SiriusXM Internet Radio Trial for Free when you enter promo code CHEVY1YR. Thanks TANGOSUKKA

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Edited September 28, 2012 at 12:07 AM by widgit

free 1 yr subscription for xm internet radio.

if that doesn't work use this link:

replace comebackq32012 with CHEVY1YR and win
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Last Edited by taters1 October 15, 2012 at 12:23 AM
Since the deal is dead, and many people got their subscription cancelled, try [] instead.
- [] has over 290 preset stations like Hard Rock, Classical, Dub Step, Comedy and more.
- Create your own stations like
- Stream for free on the website or through the Android phone/tablet, iPhone/iPad and Windows Phone apps.
- With Slacker Plus*, download (cache) up to 15 stations so you can listen to them offline, without an internet connection.
- With Slacker Plus*, remove the advertisements and get unlimited song skips
- Caching your stations work great while listening in the car, wont cut out while going under a bridge, or while getting gas that has an overhang (like satellite does)
- *Slacker Plus is only $3.99 a month (with a 7 day, no credit card needed, free trial).
- Slacker Plus is over $10 cheaper than Sirius, especially counting all the fees like music royalty fees, internet subscription fees, activation fees, taxes, etc. You can also just try the streaming for free before you get Plus.

For deals (or anything) like this, I use the incredibly useful disposable email service at or This prevents the swine at XM from spamming my real email address. F**K 'EM.

Deal is DEAD, and don't worry if you missed this deal BECAUSE they cancelled everyone's account anyway after just a week. We fell for a "fake mistake", there was no mistake, this was carefully planned, now xm has millions of emails to spam and market to and brag that it's app was downloaded more than pandora and songza combined.. Now it's your job to remove the app and give it 1 star in the market and in yr review mention other services such as songza and pandora, it's the least you can do.. --Or, someone mailed out the URL link for a prize they won in a contest. Everyone jumped onto something that was obviously intended for the winners of a Chevy Sweepstakes and then got mad that free stuff was taken away from them.

Free account that I don't use. Since you can't change the password it shouldn't matter to share, just don't use up all the 4 skips! haha.
Your username is:
Your password is: 3e85Zi

Thanks Lp113, it seems like it got cancelled though.

It is for Sirius XM Online and via their Smartphone Apps. NOT FOR YOUR CAR or HARDWARE for SIRIUS/XM RADIO.

The news radio has commercials, not the commercial free program SIRIUS radio has promised.

This trial requires NO CREDIT CARD, no hassles! Just provide an email, and you can make up and first and last name and use any US Zip code. ( 90210 if your really unoriginal. ) Promo Code: CHEVY1YR

Note: Your email address will be your login name and the password they provide you cannot be changed.
The trial is for 1 YEAR, use the link provided, and sign up. It includes all the channels (Music, Talk, Howard Stern, Playboy and MLB. ), and even the On Demand Content. ( Does not include NFL, NBA, or NHL. )

iPhone and other mobile phone instructions: go to, then look for link at bottom that say go to full site. once there, leave it on, open new browser, go to this thread, click on OP link and it should work.

Features & Tips

When you hit PAUSE on the app, it continues to use data while it records the stream so you don't miss the conversation on the talk show or miss the rest pf the song when your phone rings or when you simply pause the music.

There is no stop button so don't just hit HOME.

Make sure you Kill the app every time (else it may run in background and drain your battery and risk going over your dataplan.

HOW do you kill an app and does it get rid of the app???
Killing app removes it from your background running processes
New version of Android hit the multi-task key and delete the app from your recent process -- or if you have an older version you will need to use a Task Manager or stop the app by going to Settings -> Apps -> Running -> Select the App -> Stop
On iOs -- press the home button / double tap the home key / press and hold the app / delete

This only applies to actual CAR or SIRIUS/XM hardware:
WARNING! I just canceled after a year deal extending the Sirius satellite radio that came with my new car purchase a while back. Their customer service was horrible: one could not cancel online, the first level reps transfer you as soon as you try to cancel to another line where the hold times were ridiculous, and there the customer service reps were determined to argue/plead/offer you one or two free months to stay another year. Even when I firmly said no, the conversation went on forever. Cancelling took about an hour in toto--that's ridiculous.

CAVEAT EMPTOR! You may regret this in a year.

The striked statement above is completely unrelated to this deal. This deal is for a free year of internet radio. You do not have to put in a credit card or any information other than an email and fake name and fake zip, so you don't have to cancel or anything. Not sure why this was ever posted here.

It's nice to give out some personal reviews on Sirius Radio on vehicle because it's all about Sirius.

Link for Online Player for Mac or PC.

Links For Apps:



If you want to use it in your car, and your car has a AUX port or Cassette Adapter, or if you have a FM Modulator adapter, you can plug it in via that way and get it in your car, via streaming it on the App. However, please realize it does use data.


In addition to musics, Sirius XM has live baseball like the World Series, the NBA, stand up comedians, Howard Stern, CNN, etc.

If the above is true that the trial without the code is only for 7 days.. you are better off trying the below link which at least gives you 30days!!

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If you missed out on the 1 year and would like 30 days, this Slickdeal is still up and running!

Is there software for PC? I hate listening via a browser. Nope.


(fixed link)


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Internet Radio
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Awesome deal! I was too cheap to pay for the internet portion of my radio, now I have a free year to listen on my phone and at work. Thanks for sharing!
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fantastic- well done OP

FRONTPAGE IN 3...2...1
Last edited by 1fortheteam September 27, 2012 at 11:51 PM
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this is a kick ass deal!
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Quote from jwcdis View Post :
Internet Radio
lol... yeah I missed that at first, but free is free, wish it had been for my car, my 3 month trial is about to expire Smilie

My disappointment was my own, not because of the OP, reps to him, thanks OP!
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It's not as great as the Petco 50% off coupon, but free radio is free radio!
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Quote from lilbbaby View Post :
lol... yeah I missed that at first, but free is free, wish it had been for my car, my 3 month trial is about to expire Smilie

My disappointment was my own, not because of the OP, reps to him, thanks OP!

call them and they will offer you a year in the car for $85 or sometimes 6 months for $25
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Its looking good thanks
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Do they have smartphone app? You could listen in your car to that if you got the right setup.
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Quote from Slickdeezee View Post :
Do they have smartphone app? You could listen in your car to that if you got the right setup.
I have it on my iPhone..good thing I still have unlimited data on it.
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Quote from laphroaigh View Post :
call them and they will offer you a year in the car for $85 or sometimes 6 months for $25
Thanks for the heads up Smilie I was planning to do this, but love the feedback that it actually works...I get a bit chicken when I have to call! I need to get a thicker SD skin! I so appreciate your help, thank you!
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Yep they do! This is an awesome deal, so good in fact I was skeptical.
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