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Post #40349537 added 06-15-2011 10:16 AM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Well they told me that mine would ship out on Monday afternoon but I never got a shipping email so I contacted them yesterday afternoon and was told that they noticed that mine was damaged as it was...
Post #40348739 added 06-15-2011 9:53 AM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Yeah, that was weird. Later that same day, I got an email stating that my TV had shipped. It's scheduled to arrive Monday. Let's cross our fingers that this one arrives in one piece!!
Post #40334353 added 06-14-2011 6:44 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
I put my credit card info in and the price is now (and was last night too) $3000. :confused: Its still a fairly competitive price but the extra $250 plus the concern for all the people who have...
Post #40331691 added 06-14-2011 4:30 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
I got an email from them yesterday that my replacement tv is on the way. Will probably get it by early next week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't have the dimming problems I'm...
Post #40329627 added 06-14-2011 3:06 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
I've been in contact with them for a while now as I'm waiting on a replacement set. They got their shipment in last Friday so they are definitely in stock. I'm not sure how many they have to send...
Post #40329009 added 06-14-2011 2:43 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
I got my PN59D8000 last week. It was remarkably fast. I received it after exactly a week. It was delivered by 2 Pilot delivery guys who brought it into my house...helped take the TV out of box and...
Post #40328411 added 06-14-2011 2:23 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Well I just got of the phone with a customer service rep over at US Appliance regarding my TV and to set up an exchange, I received my TV first week of June and have a peeling set so the screen...
Post #40292583 added 06-13-2011 8:55 AM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Don't get excited. I just called and the CSR told me they still don't have them in stock. No ETA. They are just on order from Samsung. She doesn't know why it says in stock on the website.
Post #40234943 added 06-10-2011 10:01 AM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Showing back in stock on the website.
Post #40174579 added 06-07-2011 11:13 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
My issue is that the TV was in stock when I ordered it. I called almost daily to ensure it was in stock. I was reassured several times that it was in stock and about to be shipped out to me - then...
Post #40166955 added 06-07-2011 4:27 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
I already tried turning off the Eco setting and all the auto adjustments. The dimming happens mostly in scenes where there are a lot of white on the screen. I've been on the AVS forum to try to get...
Post #40166895 added 06-07-2011 4:24 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Nope, I definitely clicked on the white glove delivery option. I made sure it was highlighted since I'm paying $2750 for a TV and I absolutely wanted it to be delivered with care.
Post #40164555 added 06-07-2011 2:38 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Wow, that's just great. Well maybe I can exchange this replacement D series for an E series next year and just continue the cycle...
Post #40161683 added 06-07-2011 12:48 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Hope it doesn't peel either, hell the buzz may be better than that..;posts Oh, and "Bob" the mod on that thread has to be the...
Post #40158093 added 06-07-2011 10:31 AM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Yay, just got off the phone with the Samsung exchange department, getting my PN63C8000 replaced with a PN64D8000 (only took 4 month) so I can be cool like you guys. Hope this one doesn't...
Post #40157325 added 06-07-2011 10:00 AM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Working with Samsung is a pain. It's more than likely Samsung can't give them an ETA as opposed to US Appliance holding out on you. If they had a date it would make everyones' lives easier just to...
Post #40153565 added 06-07-2011 7:12 AM by blubyu in Hot Deals
I think the guy earlier didn't select the white glove delivery option when checking out. That is why only one guy came to deliver it. I was one of the last to order one of these while they were...
Post #40153397 added 06-07-2011 7:02 AM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Did you turn Dynamic Contrast and ECO Sensor to off? I hope you did before returning the TV. This probably would solve your problem.
Post #40150513 added 06-07-2011 1:04 AM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Congrats on your tv. I'm glad everything went smoothly for you. I agree that you can only move this monster around with the help of another person. But the screen size more then makes up for it...
Post #40149037 added 06-06-2011 11:10 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Got my TV in earlier this afternoon. They said 1-4pm but the guy showed up at 12:50pm and called me saying he was at the door. So I booked it home and they waited 20 mins for me. The delivery...
Post #40123963 added 06-05-2011 10:23 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
I finally got around to getting my television out of the box this weekend. I got it all setup only to realize that there is a black band about 4-5 inches wide that is permanently displayed on the...
Post #40118325 added 06-05-2011 4:32 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
When they say this TV will SKYPE, does it come with a camera and a microphone built it?
Post #40117263 added 06-05-2011 3:11 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Congrats on your TV. Here's the condition that my TV box came in. The screen was cracked and the TV did not power on. The Pilot delivery man tried to mark on the invoice that there was "hidden"...
Post #40110929 added 06-05-2011 6:50 AM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Pilot dropped my tv off on Friday. They just dropped the tv off (I had to help carry it) and left without opening it or anything. It doesn't appear like there is anything wrong with the tv, but if I...
Post #40090499 added 06-03-2011 8:30 PM by blubyu in Hot Deals
Colors looked great. I noticed the peeling after watching 8 hrs of tv. Oh had an audible buzz too, so in a way I am glad to return it. Hopefully the replacement is better. Retro
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