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Post #45697960 added 12-07-2011 1:33 PM by deeds in Hot Deals
Finally decided to pull the trigger today and this was still live as an FYI :)
Post #45629188 added 12-05-2011 9:01 PM by deeds in Hot Deals
I have no use for the IR extender (if anything, I wish the PS3 adapter came with the One). Any suggestions on how to get any sort of value for it and get a PS3 adapter instead?
Post #45617478 added 12-05-2011 3:11 PM by deeds in Hot Deals
Boom! Purchased. I think this will work great for all my pops' remotes besides his new GoogleTV Blu-Ray w/ the full keyboard.
Post #45609790 added 12-05-2011 12:06 PM by deeds in Hot Deals
yep, as long as your usb ports are active in that suspend mode. some mobos support this, some dont.
Post #45609576 added 12-05-2011 12:01 PM by deeds in Hot Deals
I don't ever power the HTPC off since it is running the tuner card so I just put it in sleep mode. From what I am told, the remote will power it on then.
Post #45586364 added 12-04-2011 7:31 PM by deeds in Hot Deals
For what it's worth I have the IR extender and it works extremely well for hiding all of my electronics in the closet. No performance issues at all. Also, harmony remotes are very easy to set up
Post #45586308 added 12-04-2011 7:29 PM by deeds in Hot Deals
In my BIOS I've got it set to power on with keyboard input. I don't recall whether that's S3 or S5 mode, but from all outward appearances, the PC is OFF... no fans, lights, or other indications that...
Post #45585578 added 12-04-2011 7:05 PM by deeds in Hot Deals
thats because the one shipped with the 890/pro/1000 and avl300 are RF and only rely on IR for the 'last mile' (as you describe). seconded, i own 3 and they are the best value you can get. you...
Post #45585434 added 12-04-2011 7:00 PM by deeds in Hot Deals
I need it to power on a computer as well. Will that Extender do that?
Post #45574042 added 12-04-2011 11:18 AM by deeds in Hot Deals
Did you go all the way to checkout? It will show up as $200 in your cart, but when you check out the discount is applied.
Post #45573604 added 12-04-2011 11:02 AM by deeds in Hot Deals
When I put both items in my cart at Aamzon, it charges me for both units. Anyway, this remote is $139 right now in stock at Best Buy. ...
Post #45573452 added 12-04-2011 10:57 AM by deeds in Hot Deals
Screw it, I cancelled my order for One that had the 300i remote free (I forgot to even add it to cart so it's not even shipping) and reordered this with the IR extender. I just need to find a cheap...
Post #45572754 added 12-04-2011 10:31 AM by deeds in Hot Deals
I use the Logitech IR Extender with no problems Very happy with it and the Harmony One
Post #45572510 added 12-04-2011 10:21 AM by deeds in Hot Deals
Anyone recommend a cheap, but good IR extender? I bought the Logitech Harmony One just yesterday when it was comboed with the Harmony 300. I have an IR sensor on my Thermaltake case but it sucks...
Post #45570580 added 12-04-2011 9:02 AM by deeds in Hot Deals
I have not checked the delays but will - thanks for the suggestion. I assumed the delay had to do it timing between sequences when creating a macro to control multiple devices. I also looked at...
Post #45570174 added 12-04-2011 8:43 AM by deeds in Hot Deals
Have you checked the delays for your key commands in the Logitech software? Sometimes they default to long delays as long as a second. You can change them to as short as you like. You may have to...
Post #45569794 added 12-04-2011 8:23 AM by deeds in Hot Deals
Unless you're a Logitech fanboy, the Monster AVL300 remote is a good alternative. It works just as well and is RF instead of IR, cheaper too.
Post #45569506 added 12-04-2011 8:08 AM by deeds in Hot Deals
I purchased an 820 second-hand (CL), and felt the programming 'wizard' was anything but intuitive. Further after programming it to control my WMC HTPC, I've noticed a huge delay (maybe 1/2 to 3/4...
Post #45568922 added 12-04-2011 7:38 AM by deeds in Hot Deals
Yeah, the IR extender doesn't look as good as the one for the 890 as I have - which has tiny little IR emitters that you attach directly to each device. With the new version it seems you have to...
Post #45568308 added 12-04-2011 7:01 AM by deeds in Hot Deals
Some of the reviews are scary for the ir extender
Post #45567584 added 12-04-2011 6:03 AM by deeds in Hot Deals
Good deal if you need the IR extender system to go with the remote. I love this remote and already have a couple.
Post #45567452 added 12-04-2011 5:48 AM by deeds in Hot Deals
Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote with Color Touchscreen + Free Logitech Harmony IR Extender System ($60 Value) $139.99 Free shipping from Amazon $139.99 + $59.99 - Discount = $139.99 ...
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