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Thanks for the heads up. Though it doesn't matter to me because many things have stopped me from shopping there almost entirely, including:

* Rewards program changes (HALF point per dollar for lowly bottom tier customers, etc)
* End of GCU program
* Them making every trade in value on their somehow still going game trade in program mediocre to the point where they make Gamestop look generous, coupled with NO promotions for extra credit
* Them looking for any way to deny a price match even when I have clear proof of a lower price for something they sell

I only really shop with them when they have those freebie certificates once or twice a year now. Even then I usually only buy a CD or DVD/Blu-Ray that's priced close to the amount I got.
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Quote from SelfRighteousDbag(Romeo from CAG) :
From my own experiences, he uses and abuses the sites he is a member of. He cares about no one but himself. If there's a deal ANYWHERE, he is the person to buy 100x of whatever it is to resell for profit, and usually get the deal pulled or canceled.

He lives near me. A couple years ago, he bought five copies of a game on clearance at target closest to me. Bragged about it here then soon found out the trade value wasn't worth a 'flip'. When I called him on it for being a scumbag for buying out the stock, he PM'ed me and told me he would now purposely return them to a target far away from me so I can't get a copy for myself.
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