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Fantasy Grounds Classic 50% off 10% unity (D&D, DND classic, Savage worlds, Mutants & Masterminds, Call of Cthulhu, Castle Crusaders, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Traveller) $19.5

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****** SALE GOES UNTIL 6/24/2020 ************
This is when steam ends, and I assume the site will follow suite.

If you're ready to buy, you should see #3, slickdeal.

If you want to wait, this HAS been on sale for 75% off in the past. However, this is probably the last time you're going to be able to get it before the epidemic is over. The sales range from 25% to 75%, so 50% is still a good deal.

I see that DND books on amazon have made front page (3 for 2), so I checked out fantasy grounds. They have almost everything on sale right now. So, I did some research. I'm looking to play 5e and I would LOVE any feedback you guys have!!!!

I'm going to try to add a lot of information here so people can fully understand / lookup what they want. Do know this is going to be focused on the DND side as that's all I know.

1. What is Fantasy Grounds?

It's an online platform to play games listed in the title, but is most known for DND and pathfinder. This is a tool so you can play games online. I'm not all that familiar with Fantasy grounds but I do know there is a competitor called roll 20. I'm going to focus on DND as that is what I'm interested in and I wouldn't be able to tell you what the other games are / play well with the platform.

Here is a great video!

2. Should I use Roll 20 or Fantasy Grounds?

After doing some research, I'm going to say Fantasy Grounds. Instead of going through the details, here is is great video that will do a better job than I ever could so you can decide what is best for you.

and here is another great video but it is THREE YEARS OLD.

(repeat from #1, Worth watching if you didn't before.

3. Slickdeal for Fantasy Grounds.

Right now they have a sale for 50% off their Fantasy Grounds Classic and 10% off their Fantasy Grounds Unity. Again, I've seen this as high as 75%, FYI. If you have a classic license, you can get a 40% off of the unity version. It ends up being $15 bucks over the cost of unity alone.

Why would you need both versions? Unity is the only one going to get major updates and eventually will be great. The kickstarter generated 500k so they are well funded and should have no problem delivering. They have also been around a long time. To me, it's worth the extra 15 so I can fully use the classic until they get unity good.

Remember, you will always get 40% off forever, so I don't think it's a big risk. And over time, I'm sure they will do 50 - 75% off eventually as well on unity.

Classic is what has been out for almost ever and has been super solid. Unity was started as a kickstarter and just recently went out of alpha / closed beta. It's now an open beta and based upon my research, it's still needing polishing. See the videos above for more details so you can again, decide for yourself.

If you have a classic licence, you can purchase unity for 40% off. I haven't done this, but this MIGHT* stack with the 10% off they have right now. That would be super slick.

Since I don't think Unity is ready for mainstream, I plan on buying classic at this bargain price.

4. Okay, so now I'm TOTALLLLLY confused.

Yes, this is why I've spent so much time trying to explain everything. Here is the cliff-notes version. There is Unity / Classic. Both unity and classic have standard and ultimate versions. You can see the chart for a comparison, but the most important thing to know about ultimate is that you can host games with people who only have a demo version. This means that anyone you want to game with can join without buying ANYTHING.

Ultimate allows you to share ANYTHING you have purchased with anyone who has joined you game. This means they won't need to buy a players handbook or any other adventures you have purchased.

Fantasy Grounds seems a bit better than roll 20 because they let you share with only 5 people, but Fantasy Grounds lets you share with an unlimited number and unlimited number of games. Roll 20 also requires an annual subscription, but fantasy grounds you can subscribe to, or purchase outright.

They recommend that you purchase an ultimate subscription and try it out for 30 days. If you don't like it, you can get a FULL REFUND. This is really cool and the best way to try it out. This way everything will be unlocked. You will still need to buy the separate books (PHB, MM, ETC)

5. How does sharing purchased content work?

With standard or ultimate, the DM can share ALL content they own to the entire table. Again, with a single ultimate, the DM can host a game and cost other players nothing. They can also share their entire library with the table.

Sharing works the same with standard, but since standard can't DM for demo users, all users would have to buy Fantasy Grounds. Just a FYI.

I hope I made this as helpful as I can. I would appreciate any feedback. I'm still new and will still do some research on Fantasy grounds before pulling the trigger.

Without Steam
With Steam
Steam Ultimate []
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