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Good drive. I think this is about what I paid for mine but I always get the 2 year geeksquad warranty on top of it. Worth it for if I ever drop it, and I've more than gotten my moneys worth when things just stopped working randomly... (I dropped my headset.. okay?!)

As for the drive, great for watching or ripping, and really, REALLY small for what it is. Not terribly loud when running, but louder when ripping. I can usually rip a blu ray in about 30-45 minutes, 4k discs take a while longer.

You won't run into bandwidth issues with it only being USB 2.0 since the max 8x read speed won't fully saturate it. Do note you need 2 USB ports for this drive to hook up.
There are 5.25" size portable drives that are USB 3.0 with higher read/write speeds if you're wanting/needing more speed.

There's another thread on here (linked in OP) that talked about flashing these drives to be able to read/rip 4k and 3d discs as well. I followed the directions on the forums that were linked and can confirm it works.

Edit: Also, if you're like me and don't like unprotected tech this case [] on the 'zon fits this drive fairly well.
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